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2-Story Pole Barn Plans | Hesketts Barn Restoration and Repair PA and OH

2-Story Pole Barn Plans

A 2-story barn is a great investment and can be easily built with a set of good quality 2-story pole barn plans. Any barn adds value to your property, but a 2-story barn is even better because it can have so many different uses.

A 2-story barn gives you so much more space for not a lot more money. Any time you decide to build up instead of out you are saving money. This extra space can simply be used for storage if that’s what you want.

Recently, a lot of people, especially bachelors or retired couples, have been converting the second story of their barn into an apartment or living space loft. This is not hard to do with a good set of pole barn construction plans and allows you to live afford-ably while doing what you love.

When selecting your 2-story pole barn plans, choose plans that are easy to read with a clear diagram for each component of the barn. The plans should include easy to follow step by step instructions. There should not be any confusion in between steps. (Be sure to read the plans in their entirety before starting construction. If you are unsure of anything, return them).

The pole barn blueprints should also include a complete, itemized, materials list. Every nail, bolt, or screw should be listed with the amount needed. The plans should also come complete with cut sheets for each section of lumber. Both of these items will ensure that your project is completed with the least amount of material waste as possible.

Using a good quality set of 2-story pole barn plans will result in a beautiful finished project that is completed on time and under budget. Building the barn is easy with good plans, but finding a set of plans that meets this criteria can be a challenge.

For help with finding and selecting the pole barn blueprints that meets your needs visit http://www.squidoo.com/pole-barn-blueprints

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kerry_McKinney

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