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Add a Rustic Appeal to Your Home With Old Barn Wood | Hesketts Barn Restoration and Repair PA and OH

Add a Rustic Appeal to Your Home With Old Barn Wood

Reclaimed from the 19th century Tobacco Warehouses, Barns, Factories, and Textile Mills, old barn wood renders a unique rustic appeal that is simply unavailable with new lumber. Old barn wood is excellent for wood flooring, custom furniture, siding, paneling, and other architectural details.

Good quality old barn wood and wood beams are available online these days. The online resources offer reclaimed beams and barn wood at considerably low cost. They do not set up a retail facility and hire extensive staff. The saving is thus directly passed on to the customers. Some of these vendors even offer mill direct facility that is the reclaimed wood is directly shipped from the saw mills and demolition sites to their customers.

They let you choose from a variety of appearances and rich species of wood including Antique Oak, Heart Pine, Wormy Chestnut, Poplar, Beech, and Hickory. You can further choose from Hand Hewn, Plain Sawn Beams, and Rough Sawn timber beams.

Besides letting you choose from the rich species wood beams and barn wood, these online resources also help you in making an informed decision. You can send them an email indicating the product you are interested in. Few good online reclaimed vendors even provide you with the guidance and help in choosing the right product for your home.

You can even ask for a sample of products such as wood flooring of your choice. Since many of these vendors regularly ship internationally, you can expect your desired product to be delivered in minimum time right at your doorstep.

Reclaimed wood barn and timber beams impart unparalleled beauty as well as stability to the interior of your home. Furthermore, the antique wood is an environmentally friendly option. Therefore, by opting for reclaimed timber beams and barn wood you take one step further in the direction to ensure a safer and greener environment. Thanks to the online reclaimed wood companies for offering rich species of reclaimed wood at affordable prices.

However, when buying from these online reclaimed wood vendors, make sure the one you choose is a member of NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) and USGBC (United States Green Building Council).

http://www.reclaimedwoodco.com is a trusted name in high quality reclaimed wood, old barn wood, reclaimed wood paneling, cypress lumber, wood beams, Heart pine and a wide range of Green Furniture.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Marc_Worthington

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