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All-Purpose Garage Pole Barn Kits | Hesketts Barn Restoration and Repair PA and OH

All-Purpose Garage Pole Barn Kits

Pole barn kits offer many possibilities. Whether you are looking for a cottage, home, workshop, garage, barn, or storage shed, these barn packages allow you to build cost effective structures that meet your needs.

Pole barn kits do not produce cookie cutter structures. Because of the open spacing of the poles, the location of openings is flexible. Each building is unique, with the doors, windows, siding, roof, and options that you choose. What all structures share is a simple and utilitarian design created through high performance engineering.

Whether you choose a garage building kit, a barn building kit, a metal building, or a home building kit, your pole building will have a large open span. You can leave the space in its original open configuration or divide it into rooms, stalls, offices, or sections. You have the option of creating a one-, two-, or three-story building. Because these barn structures are so adaptable you can decide how to use the space after the building is up. If you are not sure what you want to do with the space or do not have the funds to complete the interior when the building goes up, you can wait and do the finish work later.

Manufacturers can deliver their kits almost anywhere. Specially designed carriers can bring your kit to your site when you are ready for it. Unlike buildings constructed entirely on site, you will not have the expense of workers waiting for supplies and equipment. When your crew is ready, your kit will be there. Plus, with a pole barn kit there is very little impact on the area surrounding the building, an important advantage of a kit over onsite construction.

You can opt for standard barn kits (which allow for limited customization) or custom kits designed to your specifications. You choose the siding materials, the roofing materials, the colors, and finish details. If you plan to create living space (a vacation cottage, office, or home) from your pole barn kit, the kit can include insulation. When your pole barn package arrives it will include all the supplies and materials you need for assembly.

Many customers erect the structures themselves, using the detailed instructions and service help most kit manufacturers provide. Others hire contractors to put the buildings up. Manufacturers may be able to recommend contractors in your area who have experience putting their pole barn kits together. Whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor, the pre-cut structural elements will be quickly assembled at your site. In no time you will have a sturdy and functional building ready to be put to use.

Even though they are called pole barns or pole garages, these practical structures are not just used for barns and garages. Over the years people have used them for everything from sheltering farm animals to housing guests to building boats. If you need more space, a pole barn kit is an efficient, quick, and affordable option for almost any application.

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