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Choosing and Building a Small Horse Barn

Choosing and Building a Small Horse Barn

Choosing and Building a Small Horse Barn

The Use Of Metal Buildings – History and Benefits

Steel buildings have become widely used, from storage buildings to office buildings, and even barns, they are among the most popular type of building used. There are many reasons why this has happened, and several benefits to using them over the more traditional wooden and brick structures. Though they have gained in popularity, they have actually been used for many years. Steel buildings first gained their popularity in the early 20th century, becoming more wide spread during World War II. The use of metal and steel buildings expanded considerably after the war when steel became more available. Since that time, steel buildings have become even more commonly used, as the capabilities associated with them expanded and were improved even more. Part of the reason for this expansion of features and designs is the more recent use of computer-aided design software that has really helped to enhance these structures. There are many different types of steel buildings include: straight-walled, arch, and clearspan. Straight-walled and arch types are named because of the shape of the outside of the building. Steel arch buildings are the most cost-effective to own and the most structurally sound. They are also commonly used in the agricultural industry. There are several other types that serve a variety of uses, and each can be customized to fit specific needs. There are several benefits to using a steel building. The first, and probably the most noted, is that they are more cost-effective than using the traditional wooden structures. The reason for this is that they are cheaper to build, as steel is the cheapest method of construction currently available. Another reason for the cost-effectiveness of these types of buildings is the lack of necessary maintenance. Because they are made of steel, they are not privy to problems such as termites and other pests. They are also able to better withstand the wind, fire, rain, and snow, and often hold up better during natural disasters such as earthquakes. Another advantage to owning a steel building verses a wooden one is the ease with which you can update or add on to your structure. Because it is so cost-effective, it is easy to add additional space to your structure. You can also add updates such as heating and air conditioning as well. Steel buildings have been found to be sound structures that provide many options. Whether you are setting up a commercial business, or simply want to add a shop or barn to your property, a steel building is a choice you should consider. You will have it for a long time to come.

About Author: Future Outdoor Storage Shed are based on the strongest architectural design ever conceived, the arch.

Article Source: ArticlesAlley.com

Choosing and Building a Small Horse Barn

Information for Barn Conversion Insurance of country house and farmhouse

Building a new house comes out to be cheaper than Barn conversions to build. This is due to entirely need major structural alterations with the modern day regulations. In some cases, major work is needed in order to meet either the insulation standards or the structural stability to fulfill barn conversion requirements. You can obtain advice regarding structural stability from your local authority.


Many farm land owners are converting or renovating their land from a disused barn to a stylish and wonderful family home. The converted barns can be equipped with many features like beamed ceilings, wood burning stove, wooden floors, central heating, garden and many other facilities. Converting a barn into exclusive country house and farmhouse is not as easy as it sounds. You have to address several issues while barn conversion.


Barn Conversion Insurance


Barn conversion of country house and farmhouse are developing with eye catching designs and coming up with well thought out. Therefore, Barn insurance of country house and farmhouse is important when barns which you are purchasing is not designed for human use, have lack of sufficient foundations and requires risky support or under-supporting works. The older the structure, the greater will be the trouble. There is no doubt that Converted barns when sold give great heights of profit and is extremely valuable. This makes the need of barn insurance to be very worthwhile and cost effective.


Barn Insurance Company highlights the problems associated with destruction factors. They list down the problems and money spent on damaged part of barn. Barn can be damaged due to many causes like fire, flood, earthquake, poor quality conversion construction materials and many other accidents. Barn conversion insurance policy covers all aspects of damages occurred.


Barn Conversion Insurance Policy


Barn conversion insurance policy helps to avoid severe and costly interruptions if anything goes out of way during the barn conversion process. It is important for a country house and farmhouse owner to research the varying limits, inclusions, and liability amounts available through the designated insurance carrier from various barn conversion insurance companies. The barn insurance policies cover variety of mishaps and cover the damage to the country house and farmhouse from any major disaster.


Get best company for barn conversion insurance


Ask your friends, relatives or well wishers for the best insurance company that provide effective barn conversion insurance policies. You can search on the web to get local barn insurance company. Just go through their insurance policies and decide how to proceed further with insurance for barns. The home or farmhouse owners must go for barn conversion insurance with an insurance company which makes an honest evaluation of your home value. Insurance for barns is also helpful in the case if you aim for a re-finance or a re-mortgage.


Barninsurance provide the insurance for barns conversions in UK and also offer online insurance quotation for barn conversions with premium at discountable prices. We manage your insurance policies with the given information. We keep your all information confidentially and do not share with any other company. Our online barn insurance service has been proved to be beneficial and effective in case of coverage. Just visit barn insurance to get complete information.

About Author: Jayne Brown is writing this article to let the people know about various barn insurance significances and policies and get the best barn conversion insurance company to avoid certain losses. For more information visit http://www.barninsurance.com

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Choosing and Building a Small Horse Barn

Choosing and Building a Small Horse Barn

Building a small horse barn using post and beam construction is a fun project that even non skilled builders can undertake. It is made much easier with a little planning and a good set of plans. Understanding the different parts of a small barn will help you better grasp the scope of work ahead of you as you begin your small horse barn building project.


The size of your horse barn will be determined by the size of the horse stalls and the number of stalls you need to build. Other factors that increase the size of your shed will be options like adding a tack room and or a covered lean to area to the stall entry area. The size of most horse stalls are either 10×10 or 12×12 and sometimes 10 x 12 with 12×12 being the preferred size because it allows plenty of room for large horses to move around in and also gives you the trainer room to be in the stall with the horse. Most small horse barns finished size are a multiple of 10 or 12 feet.


The most important part of a small horse barn plan is of course the horse stall. Other rooms that may be added to the stalls are tack rooms and open walled covered areas in front of the stalls. Tack rooms are typically the depth of the stalls and the width is a minimum of 6′ but can be as large as you like to house your horse care and riding equipment. Adding an outside covered area is a very popular addition to small horse barn plans. An open walled covered area provides a great place for the horse to get out of the sun as well as a comfortable place to brush your horse.


Horses can be rough on barn walls and other equipment. This is why horse barns are built using thicker lumber than that which is used in typical home construction. Exterior siding materials are usually either 1x lumber of corrugated metal. The interior walls of the horse stalls must be lined with a 1×8 board that extends up the wall a minimum of 4′. This stall lining is called a kick board and its function is to protect the walls of the barn and the horse if the horse gets frisky and kicks. The structure of the most horse barns is done using post and beam construction. This type of construction is made up of structural posts spaced along the walls of the barn and then adding horizontal beams and girt boards between the posts. The siding and interior kick boards are hung on the horizontal beams and girt boards. Roof construction is done using either rafters or roof trusses. The roofing can be either asphalt shingles or corrugated metal.


Doors are a critical part of any horse barn. They are the only moving part of the shed and can provide some different options as to how the shed is used. There are three primary door styles used on barns, sliding, Dutch and regular doors. The benefits of the Dutch door is that the bottom half of the door can be closed, keeping the horse safe inside, and the top can be left open to allow the horse fresh air and an opening to look out of. A sliding door is typically used for larger openings but can also be used for a stall door. The sliding door allows easy door opening and keeps the door totally out of the way when it is open. Regular full size doors are similar to sliding doors but they use hinges to operate the door.

After understanding the basic elements of a horse barn you will be better prepared to purchase a set of small horse barn plans to help you build the perfect barn for your horse. You will also better understand how to build the perfect place for your horse to be protected from the elements and for you to care for your horse.

Christopher Kenalu has designed and built many styles and sizes of small horse barns. He continues to improve his designs and understanding of horse owners needs.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Christopher_Kenalu

2-Story Pole Barn Plans

A 2-story barn is a great investment and can be easily built with a set of good quality 2-story pole barn plans. Any barn adds value to your property, but a 2-story barn is even better because it can have so many different uses.

A 2-story barn gives you so much more space for not a lot more money. Any time you decide to build up instead of out you are saving money. This extra space can simply be used for storage if that’s what you want.

Recently, a lot of people, especially bachelors or retired couples, have been converting the second story of their barn into an apartment or living space loft. This is not hard to do with a good set of pole barn construction plans and allows you to live afford-ably while doing what you love.

When selecting your 2-story pole barn plans, choose plans that are easy to read with a clear diagram for each component of the barn. The plans should include easy to follow step by step instructions. There should not be any confusion in between steps. (Be sure to read the plans in their entirety before starting construction. If you are unsure of anything, return them).

The pole barn blueprints should also include a complete, itemized, materials list. Every nail, bolt, or screw should be listed with the amount needed. The plans should also come complete with cut sheets for each section of lumber. Both of these items will ensure that your project is completed with the least amount of material waste as possible.

Using a good quality set of 2-story pole barn plans will result in a beautiful finished project that is completed on time and under budget. Building the barn is easy with good plans, but finding a set of plans that meets this criteria can be a challenge.

For help with finding and selecting the pole barn blueprints that meets your needs visit http://www.squidoo.com/pole-barn-blueprints

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kerry_McKinney

Barn Construction Techniques – Take Your Pick

There are many different ways and techniques in which barn construction can be done. These depend on the availability of materials, the use to which the building is put, the spending capacity of the builder, ethnicity of the builder, and the local geographical conditions. Some of the main types of construction techniques include the post and beam, the pole, the western barn garage, the monitor and modern barns.

You would have to choose the most appropriate one from these different techniques depending on your resources, needs and budget. Let us briefly examine some of the major techniques.

Post and Beam

A post and beam type of construction can be said to be the strongest and best of the techniques. This construction technique is centuries old. Buildings built over a hundred years ago using this technique are still existing. This type of construction involves using a framework of vertical timbers called posts and horizontal timbers called beams. The framework pieces are joined by mortise and tenon joints. It is visually appealing and has a solid appearance.

This construction allows the use of full pieces of wood instead of plywood or simple two by fours. This makes the structure much stiffer compared to the ones made using basic house building techniques. Due to this, it is especially suited to making large buildings like a barn.

Another advantage of a post and beam type of building is that it allows optimum utilization of existing space to create a structure tailor made to your needs. Your building would not only exceed specifications, but also provides you with ample room to shelter your horses, tack and supplies without constricting space.

A post and beam structure is also of the traditional style and has got an intangible quality which horse lovers look for. This is also probably one of the reasons for its popularity.

Pole Barn

Another popular technique is the pole barn. This is a building with poles fixed in the ground for supporting the walls, roof and floor framing. Usually, these types of buildings have a gravel or dirt floor, but a concrete floor can be added either before or after the construction of the main building.

It is one of the easiest and most inexpensive building construction techniques in the world. It is very popular as an agricultural storage building and also as a mainstream method in many developing countries.

Combined with modern materials, present day pole barns have been made much tougher and versatile than their predecessors.

The Western Barn Garage

The western barn garage is usually larger than similar buildings, and is popular with farmers with large livestock herds. This is because they require a large storage space for hay and grain, which these buildings provide. Besides storage space, livestock can also be kept in them. A typical feature of a western garage is the large peak roof which reaches almost to the ground, creating adequate space.

The Monitor

Among the other techniques is the monitor barn which comprises of a wooden building with a raised ceiling in the middle which is used for sheltering horses and other livestock. The raised ceiling is used as a hayloft or for storing other equipments.


In many modern barns, steel is usually used as material, as against wood.

After having considered your needs and resources, you can choose an appropriate method from the different construction techniques. By using plans prepared by experts, you can construct your own barn thus saving a lot on costs, too.

You can choose the most suitable barn construction technique from http://allin1woodworkingplans.com/ which has got a total of 14,000 woodworking projects.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kevin_M._Brown