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Barn NewsHesketts Barn Restoration and Repair PA and OH - Page 3

Old Barn Means Timber Reclamation and a New Life for Homes and Barns

The use of large hand hewed timber logs was state of the art standard material for homes and barns back over a century ago. With the innovation of the industrial revolution and the need for homes to be quickly erected, new building technologies were invented and highly productive saw mills were built to meet the demand. Nails were not used at this time, but the beams were notched and then holes drilled by hand with a peg driven into that hole to keep major beams together. Some nails were used called cut nails where a sheet or plate of steel as made in a mill of a certain thickness and the nails were literally stamped out making this nail. These nails were expensive and they were usually made of hot rolled steel and hot heat treated which caused these nails to break under a heavy hammer blow.

So with the homes using 2″ x 6″ and I mean real 2″ x 6″ studding and nails made from wire which is a lot cheaper and new construction techniques, homes and even barns were built a lot quicker, just as strong and is some cases stronger and cheaper in both labor and materials caused Timber Bans and homes to fall our of favor and no loner built except for the Amish, but they did use the saw mills to make the large timber beams for their structural strength.

One must understand with timber built barns, the spacing of structural members is less and actually uses less lumber, but it is the matter of handling these heavy beams that caused a lot of problems and also a lot of injuries and even deaths. Slowly timber barns and homes were no longer made but a few for the Amish who wanted that style of barn and they had plenty of help to make this adventure happen.

I still hear of these barns still being raised by an small army of Amish neighbors getting together for a old fashion barn building, or a frolic as it is known. The men would toil from early morning till the sun set in the evening and the wives would cook the meals feeding the hungry crew and for those not old enough to help in the barn building, they would play always under the watchful eye of everyone on the site because it was a dangerous area.

If all of the materials were purchase and on site this entire project would be done within a week at which time hay would be stored in the upper loft and the horses in their new stalls with sawdust under their feet and to serve as their bedding. I have been in many a barn and they are as magnificent as some of the great palatial homes or mansions that were built by the wealthy of this country. If I had a choice of owning the Breakers or the Singer mansion or I fine Amish barn, I would pick the mansion, sell it and purchase several barns to live in. However, I would not share my barn with the horses, they would have their own.

But that was the past, and this is the present. There is a group of Amish builders who I know that finds old barns and take them down piece by piece and gently removing the timbers for another life. Each piece is inspected including the barn shielding or outer cover for a potential new life and if it passes it is steamed cleaned to remove any critters that have made a home there for they are not welcomed in the new life of the wood. The large timbers get the same treatment and steamed, but for a longer time. They do not use any chemicals because of potential hazards and steam will kill or remove all critters and bacteria. Some of this wood is used in making new homes as décor or even structural members and the outer covering is used as décor or furniture is made of it and I have several pieces on display in my new store. Those pieces that do not pass are sent on to another group who use those pieces into distinct arts and crafts and if too bad, it is used as firewood. Nothing is wasted.

Homes are now built with these reclaimed beams and barn wood for an entire house or to make a barn on someone’s property that can afford such a building. They are not inexpensive and it takes skilled craftsmen to use these timbers in the most effective manner and to give the desire affect. They usually work with the architect of the home to create for the homeowner this special effect.

Having a home with reclaimed beams is not only a wonderful décor item, but a bit of history is within that home. I have a sister in law with such a family room and it is just wonderful to see these huge beams going across the room creating the cathedral ceiling. Now just because they have it, you can also have these beams as part of your home cottage or even an old barn right on your property. The Amish have reclaimed the wood and steamed it to remove the critters and they build your dream home.

These Amish timber home builders travel to all parts of the country and will work many weeks at a time to finish the project. I was talking with the owner, Abe and they were doing a home in West Virginia and the nearest hotel was at least an hour away. So an arrangement was made and the men brought their sleeping bags and slept on the floor of the couples very small home that they were going to move out of and into the new timber home to save that two plus hours day traveling and could get more work done and the owners wife prepared 3 meals a day for the Amish workers and can they eat. Abe told me she got up very early in the morning to make the home made biscuits, bacon, gravy and eggs for their breakfast every morning with also a healthy lunch and supper. The man had to go to work so all were tired when the evening sun was leaving the western sky.

They told me that they had no problem sleeping and enjoyed the stay and I asked about sleeping on the floor and he told me no one had a problem with that at all. The only problem they had was the rainy days where work was limited, but work was still done and of course Sunday all rested. The Amish never work on Sunday.

The home was finally finished and now they are back to Ohio and in my last discussion with Abe, they are going to do homes Amish style where ever people want them. They do not have to be an Amish Timber home but just a high quality home for those that are very fussy and work to the highest standards.

One thing that I was impressed is that for a barn owner now has a choice. The barn can be just destroyed and what a shame, or its beams and siding can removed used for other homes or barns and the siding used for furniture and I have same of this marvelous barn furniture that I will keep for myself and also one can have a barn completely restored. I am not sure of the Red Man Chewing Tobacco sign, but it can be either painted or coated to keep the rustic look to make it last for another life.

As I travel around, I look for old barns that can be torn down gently and reclaimed and would be a piece of history for a new owner to be enjoyed even more than its previous life.

We ( [http://www.amishfurnituresuperstore.com] ) are strictly an internet based company working with over 125 individual Amish craftsmen and their companies to bring you the finest wood products available. Almost all of these products are made in buildings located on their home farms. Some are individual proprietors and others have moved their businesses, but still own and employ Amish craftsmen.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=David_Nowak

Important Parts of Barn Design and Barn Plans

If you are trying to undertake the large project of constructing a barn, it is important that you have reliable barn plans to guide you throughout the entire way. Without these blueprints, you will not be able to do an effective job. Keep in mind that there are several different components to each barn, and it is usually necessary to have them all in place for the project to be complete. For example, you need to have a feed room. This holds all the feed that will be used to nourish the animals daily. The barns plans should include places for storage.

Another thing that should be included in the barns plans is the the bedding storage. This is where you keep the hay and bedding material. Ideally, you want them to be in a dry vented part of the barn but it is even better if they are in their own room or barn to eliminate the risk of fire. Next to the stalls the barn plans should show that there will be tack rooms. Basically, the tack rooms hold tack trunks, sheets, saddles, a medicine cabinet, and other accessories.

If possible, the barn plans will allow for washing and cleaning to be done near the tack rooms. These will contain large utility sinks which allow for the cleaning of all the accessories that will be housed in the tack rooms. Of course, you can not forget the fact that you need to dispose of manure as well. This should be in a place where it is far from the stalls, and the barn design will usually reflect that. These are the necessary components to a barn. There are optional things that can be included such as offices but that depends on the size and whether or not the barns plans call for them.

Overall, you will find that a lot of planning is necessary for the successful construction of a barn. Make sure to be very detailed when you are following the barn plans, whether you are creating them or following them, is crucial and doing so will help to avoid many problems and confusion down the road.

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What To Look For When Choosing Pole Barn Plans

There are many different barn types in North America, though one that it specific to North America is the pole barn. The definition of a pole barn is actually quite blunt as it simply involves a metal roof being supported by several poles. The size of the barn is completely up to the builder, and in some cases, one might decide to add walls. One thing to note however is that most pole barn plans will indeed involve walls, and for the most part they are extremely large.

What one actually uses a barn for will be completely susceptible to mood and plan, though most will simply use a pole barn for the purpose of storage or work. Some individuals will actually use their barn for the storage of animals. Why? Because this style of barn is cheaper to build than standard English style barns.

Something to remember is that you cannot build a pole barn by yourself. Most pole barn plans will involve six or more people, and this is crucial! The walls and framework will be similar to that of a house, but because they do not need to support quite as much weight as a standard house. They will however be heavy during installation, and for this reason you may need several people to help you lift them, and more to help you secure them while you set up the other walls and install the roofing.

Remember that pole barn plans need to include the electricity, and in most cases, this means a separate utility box. Once you have this worked out, you will be able to have a meter installed and will more than likely receive a second bill. On that note, while you may be able to afford the initial construction, you may not be able to afford the ongoing costs. Consider this when you are preparing to build your pole barn! With that in mind, now would be a great time to get a few ideas.

You will be able to find some decent pole barn plans online and perhaps even add to them. Just make sure you run your plans by a structural engineer or a construction consultant before you actually try to make them a reality. When building a barn there is absolutely no room for error, and the better you understand this, the better your structure is going to turn out in the end. That being said, it’s time for you to stop reading and start planning your barn. It won’t be long before you have it built and the planning phase will seem like a dream. Are you ready to build?

Would you like to learn more about sheds plans [http://www.professionalshedplans.com/sheds-plans/]? Visit the Professional Shed Plans website to sign up for a FREE 10 day mini-course on shed building plus dozens and dozens of shed plans [http://www.professionalshedplans.com/].

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How to Set Up Metal Barn Kits

Metal barn kits are fantastic, cost-efficient, easy-to-do construction projects that can help you save in the long term. As compared to pole barn kits, the metal barn kit has shorter construction times, but they can be more expensive to purchase. However, a metal barn kit can help you save more in terms of long-term value, and you’ll also need to spend less when it comes to maintenance. If you want to set up your own barn or storage space and you have already acquire the necessary papers to go through with your construction project, here’s how you can begin setting up your metal barn package.

Step 1

Before anything else, you need to order your metal barn kits from a supply store or online. Projects that are moderate sized can be completed by a team of at least three or four people. There are a plethora of barn packages available online and all throughout North America. Pay close attention to the size of your building kit. Try the arch style barn kit if you want something that is affordable and easy to set up.

Step 2

After selecting from metal barn kits, you must now prepare the site for building. Level off the site and remember to include levels space around the side of the barn so that moving in your steel components become easy. Lay out the land, excavate the area and afterwards construct the forms. You should then pour in the foundation. Depending on your kit manufacturer, your foundation should match its specifications. Building barn packages require certain skills so if you don’t believe in your ability to finish the job, you may consider hiring a contractor to be responsible for laying down the foundation and checking it before the last pour. Don’t forget to place the attachment plates along the sides of the foundation.

Step 3

Once the kit arrives, unload it from the truck and arrange the components in an organized manner to make the construction process easier. It may be useful to have a loader or a tractor for this job.

Step 4

Arrange the scaffolding for temporary stability while the steel sections are in the process of being erected.

Step 5

Arrange the sections of your first arch and put them together with bolts. It is very important that your work area is level. Arrange each section on its side, and bolt each section making sure it is secure. Assemble the arches and move on to the next step.

Step 6

Arrange the arch sections and move them into their rightful place in the foundation. Attach your sections accordingly if your metal barn kits are base plates installations or slot installations.

Step 7

Attach your end walls. End walls are available through a manufacturer or you can build them using wood framing construction

Step 8

Finish off with lighting, service panels, or any fixture that you desire. Metal barn kits are easy to set up just as long as you follow the instructions and the specifications given.

Looking for metal barn kits?

Go get information at http://usmetalbuildings.org

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jim_P_Moser

Add a New Barn to Your Property Using Your Own Design Ideas and Skills With Pole Barns Kits

If you’re considering adding a small barn or even a larger one with horse or cattle stalls to your property, then pole barns kits can save you money while enabling you to design your own barn. What are they? These are basically pole barn packages that contain all the materials and instructions you’ll need to build your own barn. The kits are perfect for the do-it-yourselfer who has some experience in building construction.

Barn building kits are available for various types of buildings and sizes. There’s the one- or two-door barn that’s often used for storage or small animals. There are larger barns with two or more doors that can be used for cattle or horses. Some buildings feature an attic truss for even more storage space.

Are They Sturdy?

Pole barns vary in sturdiness based on the materials used, but many are very reliable. They consist of wood, full hard steel, multiple layers of protective coating, and high quality siding. Some pole barns kits come with fantastic warranties, such as a 30-year, non-prorated film integrity warranty and a 25-year warranty against fade and chalk. The warranty lengths give an indication of how dependable you should expect the pole barn to be.

As far as weather elements and pole barns, look for weather tightness (such as anti-siphon sidelap design), a high fire resistance rating and hail impact resistance. Also consider the reliability of the posts, roof and attic trusses, and the siding bracing.

The great thing about kits is you can choose from many colors and styles for your barn, and even create your own design if you have experience in doing so. There are various siding, trim and roof colors to get the look and feel you want. Pole barns kits allow you to make it a family project so your older kids can participate as well.

Other Types of Kits

If you’re interested in other types of kits, there are numerous plans to choose from. Garage building kits are available if you want to add a garage to your home. Also, metal building kits can enable you to build any size or style metal building desired for storage, a workshop, or other uses. Online building retailers may offer barn kits, home garage kits, etc. at reasonable pricing. You’ll need to shop around to determine the quality available and compare pricing. Either way, you can often save money by building your own barn when compared to hiring a company to do it for you.

To find pole building packages, go online and type one of the following into the search engines: “pole barns kits,” “home garage kits,” or “metal building kits.” Look for reputable companies that are known for high quality building products. Consider the type of support being offered so you can get assistance with your building project when necessary. Check out all your barn building options today to get started!

Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies on the web.

Learn more about Pole Barns Kits [http://www.apmbuildings.com].

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Pole Barn Designs – Tips on Selecting Your Pole Barn Design

The pole barn designs of your choosing depends on your specific situation and needs. Whatever your personal situation is, there are many different pole barn designs to choose from.

First, what will the barn be used for? Will it be used for storing materials such as hay, or will it be used as an animal shelter, such as a horse stable?

Some folks store their hay outside the barn beneath. If you choose to do this, then you will need an extended ‘porch’ area with no exterior wall. If you choose to store materials inside, then you will need this exterior wall.

If the barn will be housing animals, you need to decide how many stalls you will need. You may only have one or two horses now, but do you think you will want more in the future?

For some folks, this barn will be multi-use. You may decide that you need an extension for a carport. If so, this will need to be calculated into your budget.

Others may be using the barn as a temporary or permanent residence. There are many 2-story pole barn plans available that will guide you step by step into creating a loft apartment on the second story.

The most important item is getting a good set of pole barn blueprints. There are many free pole barn plans online, but the average person would have a very hard time completing their project with these. They are usually very hard to read and are lacking two very important items, the materials list and cut sheet.

Starting your project off with a cut sheet and a materials list will ensure that your pole barn designs are constructed on budget with little headaches. These two items are only included with professionally done barn blueprints.

For tips on selecting your blueprints and where to purchase them for a good price, visit http://www.squidoo.com/pole-barn-blueprints

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kerry_McKinney

How to Build a Barn Without Stuffing Up These 5 Most Important Issues

If you are someone who really likes to feel a sense of accomplishment by completing projects, then you may be interested in learning how to build a barn. A barn is great for storing your tools as well as livestock, machinery and other unused precious items. Barns are mainly found in rural areas, however can be adopted for the suburban area if done right.

Building a barn is just like any other project, and must be done in a step by step process. However, building a barn definitely requires some thought and research. First, there are many different types of barns you can build, but a pole barn is probably one of the easiest.

When building a barn there are five things you want to be certain to keep in mind. First, if you build a pole barn you do not need a foundation. This definitely simplifies the task at hand and makes it not seem so stressful when learning how to build a barn. Secondly, you do not have the level the ground you plan on building your barn upon, unless you want to store things under the barn itself. This is great because it means you can literally build your barn anywhere (on any gradient slope). You can build your barn into a hill, on top of a hill, or on a flat surface. The possible location of your barn is truly endless and completely up to you, provided you can achieve decent access to the barn. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that a pole barn has more stability than a barn that is build with wooden posts. This should definitely be considered if you live in a high wind area where wind loads can be potentially devastating. It is noted that a pole style barn usually has more design opportunities than a barn with simple walls. Lastly, there you have more scope to improve access for large machinery or tractor, or even livestock.

Now that you are aware of the five key things to keep in mind when building a pole style barn, there are a couple of things you need to do before you go about building the barn. First, you need to choose a location for your barn. One of the most important things to consider when choosing a location to build your barn, is where the storm water will drain away to without entering into the barn. Another thing is whether you can access the shed easily with your machinery or livestock. Once you have chosen your location, you need to consider the detailed plans for your barn. It is also a good idea to consider the materials to build the barn based on what materials are readily available for your area, as it will directly impact on your final construction costs.

Next, you need to obtain a building permit. In certain states and areas be certain to say that it is for agricultural purposes, as it could boost your overall chances for approval. It also goes to say that authorities are highly unlikely to approve the barn building for human habitation. After the building plans are approved and you have your building permit, you need to source and buy your timber and other building materials. For example, you will want heavy lumber for your posts, pre-cut timber for the roof stringers, plywood for the walls, and possibly corrugated iron / tin for the roof sheeting. A good set of design plans will outline the exact timber or lumber specifications that you need to attain. If this information is not readily available, then you need to extract the information yourself from the plans, which could take a few hours to get it all listed. As pain staking as it may be, it is imperative for the cost effective purchasing from your timber yard or supplier.

In general terms, you start with the poles, secure the stringers (beams), fix your cross bracing and then cross members. The roof trusses and cladding will then finalize he barn. Straight and square is the key to good construction, and that is why good plans make the whole project easier, as you get to see it all unfold step by step without any guess work.

Learning how to build a barn may seem overwhelming, but knowing that detailed plans allow virtually anyone to build a barn easy makes it all the more worth while. Once you have completed your barn, you will gain satisfaction and pride by knowing it was done completely by you. That is a priceless reward for your hard work. However, always keep in mind the five most important things when building your barn, as they will ultimately help save you time and money, and avoid things having to be re-done at a later date. As they say, get it right first time will save you a lot of heart ache later.

Claim your Free Shed Plans Here. I love building sheds. There is so much to be said about making stuff with your hands, working with wood and seeing the finished product in all it’s glory. Building a shed with free plans is also exciting, so long as they are well detailed and give good step by step instructions. Claim your Free Shed Plans and Detailed Report here at How to Build a Barn and start your project today. It is more than just building, saving money and getting exactly what you want, it is feeling a sense of satisfaction and achievement. With over 12,000 detailed plans on various sheds and woodworking activities, you are sure to find plans that will suit your project. Enjoy, Frank Winter.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Frank_Winter

Pros and Cons of a Pole Barn Kit

Building a barn or any type of structure on your property is a big deal. It takes a lot of planning and plenty of hard work to complete this type of project and to do it correctly. Pole barn kits are designed to make planning a little easier by providing the materials and instructions you’ll need all in one kit. And while kits are great for many people and almost any project, the kits are not meant to replace stick-built alternatives in every case.

You must decide first of all what works for you, and secondly, which option offers you the most benefits for the long term. Here are some pros and cons of pole barn kits to get your wheels turning.


Probably the greatest advantage of using a kit is the convenience of having plans and materials provided all in one package. Once you find the type of structure you want, you can order the package and get the things you need shipped right to your door. Keep in mind, however, that material delivery might be divided into several shipments instead of all at once. This varies among kit retailers, so you’ll need to check the terms and conditions before ordering.

Another benefit is the selection. While you can select various designs with any type of construction, kits are not lacking in design choices. You can choose from many styles and colors to fit your needs. There are various pole barn building kits, garage building kits, metal building kits, etc. to fit every project goal. And barns can be partitioned to serve two purposes instead of one. For instance, if you want a small barn for your livestock and an adjoining workshop or storage section for equipment, this can be achieved with partition walls.

Pole barn kits can save you money. These types of barns are more affordable than a steel construction, even if you hire someone to help with the project. They are built with wood and hold their value just as other similar types of structures. The kits provide you with a durable, lasting structure if you follow the plans carefully and accurately. You can also add custom features to your pole barn when using a kit. Kits are flexible to help you add the features you’ll need without adding extra expense.


There are a couple of disadvantages to using a kit. A kit may limit your options concerning barn width and length. Pole barns generally can’t be more than 90 feet wide. There are building/zoning restrictions in most towns that dictate the maximum size of pole barns. Another disadvantage is a pole barn kit does not provide for basements or a continuous foundation.


Initially, pole barn kits (with all materials) appear to cost the same as a conventional structure. Keep in mind that conventional structures usually take much longer to create the foundation. Also, there’s usually more labor involved overall with conventional methods. With a kit, you’re paying for materials, but it’s up to you to build the barn. The labor costs will likely be less whether you hire a few helpers or not. It depends on your skill level and how much time you can invest in building your pole barn.

Consider these pros and cons before building a barn or ordering a kit. Browse various home garage kits, metal building kits and pole barn kits online to find a structure that meets your requirements. Be sure to order from a reliable retailer that’s willing to help you every step of the way. Order a quality kit so you’ll only have to worry with the building details once your kit arrives.

Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the world’s MOST POPULAR website advertising companies on the web.
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Pole Barn Kits: Where to Build?

So you’ve decided to add a pole barn to your property. But where should you build it? Pole barn kits provide you with an affordable way to build a barn for livestock, storage, workshops, etc. The kits contain all the materials needed plus blueprints to carry out your project so you won’t have to gather all the building information and materials on your own. On the market you’ll find a variety of garage building kits, metal building kits, barn building kits and other designs to fit just about any need.

Pole barn packages are designed specifically for the home improvement do-it-yourselfer, but where you build the new structure is as important as how you build it. Do you have plenty of flat land to choose from, or is space limited? Does your yard provide easy access to the area you wish to build, or will you need to create an access road while constructing the barn? These and other considerations will tremendously influence your decision when choosing a location for the barn or structure.

Land Features

First, consider the features of the land where you wish to build. Is there appropriate drainage to prevent moisture build-up around the barn? If not, you might have a muddy mess every time it rains! Excess moisture can be harmful to your livestock if you plan to use the barn to house animals. The land should be a mostly flat surface with some drainage to the sides, or you might have to rent land-moving equipment or hire a landscaper to create an even lot for construction.

Also consider if you’ll want trees for shade or full sun. Choose trees that will lose their leaves during winter so your building will get plenty of warmth during winter days. You can insulate pole barns, but sunshine (in winter) and trees for shade during hot months can really help!

Purpose and Location

Consider the purpose for your barn. If the barn will be used to store expensive equipment, you’ll want it as close to your home as possible. Having it too far away makes it a prime target for thieves. If you place it near your home, you can install a wireless alarm system to secure your barn and home on the same security setup. With home garage kits, these will need to be near your home as well, preferably at the edge or side of the driveway.

Livestock barns should not be built too close to the home. The smells and noises can become annoying after a while! In this case, the barn should be in a convenient spot in your pasture so you can allow the animals to roam freely with easy access to the barn for feeding times or for housing them during evenings.

Building Permits

No matter where you decide to build the barn, you’ll likely need a building permit from your local building/zoning department. Building permits cost money and should be obtained only after careful consideration as to where you will build on your property. You’ll need to be able to explain what you’re building, where and why to obtain a permit.

Other factors that can affect where you build include weather elements (living where there’s frequent heavy snow or rain), proximity to the neighbors, the type of foundation (if any), etc. Use these tips to narrow your choices and get a few professional opinions if you’re still not sure of the best spot. Then get started by browsing pole barn kits online to pick the right style and design!

Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the world’s MOST POPULAR website advertising companies on the web.
Learn more about Pole Barn Kits.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Chris_Robertson

All-Purpose Garage Pole Barn Kits

Pole barn kits offer many possibilities. Whether you are looking for a cottage, home, workshop, garage, barn, or storage shed, these barn packages allow you to build cost effective structures that meet your needs.

Pole barn kits do not produce cookie cutter structures. Because of the open spacing of the poles, the location of openings is flexible. Each building is unique, with the doors, windows, siding, roof, and options that you choose. What all structures share is a simple and utilitarian design created through high performance engineering.

Whether you choose a garage building kit, a barn building kit, a metal building, or a home building kit, your pole building will have a large open span. You can leave the space in its original open configuration or divide it into rooms, stalls, offices, or sections. You have the option of creating a one-, two-, or three-story building. Because these barn structures are so adaptable you can decide how to use the space after the building is up. If you are not sure what you want to do with the space or do not have the funds to complete the interior when the building goes up, you can wait and do the finish work later.

Manufacturers can deliver their kits almost anywhere. Specially designed carriers can bring your kit to your site when you are ready for it. Unlike buildings constructed entirely on site, you will not have the expense of workers waiting for supplies and equipment. When your crew is ready, your kit will be there. Plus, with a pole barn kit there is very little impact on the area surrounding the building, an important advantage of a kit over onsite construction.

You can opt for standard barn kits (which allow for limited customization) or custom kits designed to your specifications. You choose the siding materials, the roofing materials, the colors, and finish details. If you plan to create living space (a vacation cottage, office, or home) from your pole barn kit, the kit can include insulation. When your pole barn package arrives it will include all the supplies and materials you need for assembly.

Many customers erect the structures themselves, using the detailed instructions and service help most kit manufacturers provide. Others hire contractors to put the buildings up. Manufacturers may be able to recommend contractors in your area who have experience putting their pole barn kits together. Whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor, the pre-cut structural elements will be quickly assembled at your site. In no time you will have a sturdy and functional building ready to be put to use.

Even though they are called pole barns or pole garages, these practical structures are not just used for barns and garages. Over the years people have used them for everything from sheltering farm animals to housing guests to building boats. If you need more space, a pole barn kit is an efficient, quick, and affordable option for almost any application.

Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the world’s MOST POPULAR website advertising companies on the web.
Learn more about Pole Barn Kits.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Chris_Robertson