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Benefits of Getting a Standing Seam Metal Roof | Hesketts Barn Restoration and Repair PA and OH

Benefits of Getting a Standing Seam Metal Roof

A standing seam metal roof is a kind of roofing system that is made of vertical metal panels that stand up vertically. These are crimped together to seal the joint, preventing moisture from leaking into your home.

There are several reasons why getting a standing seam metal roof is preferable to other kinds of roofing system. First, these are very durable and low-maintenance. Other metals used for roofing have a limited lifespan, eventually needing to be replaced because of damage due to wear and tear. A standing seam metal roof can last for at least fifty years and do not even need maintenance in order to keep their good quality. Standing seam metal is also very resistant to the elements and has high wind rating. These also repel and reflect the sun’s rays so that the home is cool even during the summer. These are even highly resistant to fire, so these are very good investments to make if you want to protect your home from damage.

This roof system is also very easy to install. All you have to do is to attach these together using clips from underneath. The clips will allow the metal contract and expand by itself depending on the weather conditions. Because of the ease of installation, you can even set these up in all sorts of weather, although of course, it’s not really recommended for you to put these up when there are strong winds for your own safety. Instead of doing it yourself, you can go out and find professional metal roofing contractors to give you bids for your project. They can recommend particular manufacturers of metal roof panels and of course show you the different roofing colors to match your existing design.

For the environmentally-aware people out there, you’ll be glad to know that the roof is not only energy-efficient, it is also 100% recyclable as well, making these a great choice for those who want to keep a green home.

Lastly, a standing seam metal roof is very attractive. Unlike old metal roofs that are ugly and create an eyesore, these types of roofing systems come in all colors and finishes, allowing consumers to buy which ones they like that will fit the existing appearance of their homes.

What’s great about this is that these actually add value to your home, with even some insurance companies offering discounts to their clients because the roofing system is very resistant to wear and tear. Given all of these advantages, standing seam metal roof is a definitely a great choice for you if you’re looking for a roofing system to install in your own home.

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