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Have You Wondered Where The Homesteader Barn Arrived Out Of?

A road trip through the rural expanses of the United States and Canada is beautiful in itself, but it is greatly enhanced by the presence of old barns dotting the countryside. These antique barns are some of the surviving remnants of the first structures put up by the tough people who started farming these lands. A homesteader barn is sometimes the only reminder that these areas are still rural because of the steady conversion of farms to other more modern purposes such as wineries, resorts and vacation homes.

There was a time, not too long ago, when it would have been unimaginable to have a farm without a homesteader barn. A barn was essential to the farmer because this was where the farm animals were housed and also where hay and other essential items were stored. Farmers spent a lot of time and effort in order to construct these old barns well because they had to be of use for a very long time.

It is not only farmers who find these barns beautiful. Plenty of urban people see them as symbols of a time when the world was a less complicated place, and therefore wish to see these barns saved from destruction. In addition, their historic and cultural relevance has been recognized and a great many people agree that their destruction will result in the loss of a big chunk of the country’s history.

As a result, the has been many efforts have been launched in order to preserve these barns and to keep them as testimony to the spirit that drove the settling of these lands. It is possible to buy an antique barn in order to relocate it to another location, but this is a task that takes a lot of time and effort. This is also a very expensive proposition since a homesteader barn was almost entirely built of timber. They were constructed with loving attention to detail, which included using pegs made of oak or other wood to hold the timbers in place.

Practically every colonial building was made of timber because it was easily available. Cheap to build with, repair, and these barns are no different. After all, the North American continent was well endowed with forests. The timber used for construction of farm houses, barns, churches and other structures varied from place to place, but it was almost always of the best quality. Even today, there are eager buyers for the timber salvaged from old barns that have been demolished.

Any student of North American history is a keen admirer of these structures and other articles and artifacts from that period. There is an immense demand for crafts and bric-a-brac that denotes the pioneer period, and this includes replicas of a homesteader barn or other structures from that period. They are a good way to get kids interested in history instead of depending solely on books for learning.

Ones experience of rural America and Canada is enriched by the presence of a homesteader barn, and it will be a great pity if they are all pulled down. These barns are a standing reminder of the pioneer spirit that built these two countries. They are getting a new lease of life these days since enthusiasts are taking up the challenge of renovating them and converting them into homes or offices, since there is clearly no need to store hay these days. It is a lovely sight to see a carefully restored barn bustling with life, just like it was in the old days when it was built.

This article was prepared by Paul Nerrad on behalf of Crafty Design www.logcabintoys.com. Crafty Design is located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada and specializes in Homesteader Barn Models and other kits.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Paul_Nerrad

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Protect Your Farmhouse with a Best Insurance policy

A Farm House is perfect choice when you are looking for some peace and quiet. By getting a farm house, you will be able to enjoy fresh, clean air, healthy environment some peace and quiet, and many other benefits of living. A beautiful farm house is the best idea of getting a perfect and cool way from the hustle and bustle of the city and living a more simplified and relaxing life. For your beautiful Farmhouse, a perfect insurance policy is necessary because it covers all damage if anything should happen to your house. A perfect insurance policy will give you piece of mind so you don’t have to worry about anything and provide full protection especially if you have valuable items in the house.


For a best insurance policy, the first step is finding a provider of farmhouse insurance and in today’s market there are many companies that are offering farmhouse insurance. So choose a reliable company that is just as good but less expensive as you want which one fit in your budget and best suits your requirements.


Farmhouse Insurance is covered for loss or damage caused by:-


  1. Fire, Lightning, Explosion or Earthquake
  2. Aircraft and other Flying Devices
  3. Storm, Flood, Weight of Snow
  4. Escape of Oil from fixed domestic oil-fired heating installations
  5. Escape of Water from fixed water tanks, apparatus or pipes
  6. Theft or attempted theft
  7. Collision by any vehicle or animal
  8. Riots, Strikes, Violent Disorder, Civil Commotion and Malicious Damage
  9. Subsidence or Heave of the site or Landslip
  10. Falling Trees, Lamp-posts or Telegraph Poles


Nowadays you can convert old farming buildings into commercial or residential use structures. Normally barns are designed for agricultural use, and you can convert this barn into a beautiful house. In this case many companies provide barn insurance for protection. You can select an insurance policy from Buildings only, Contents only, or a combined policy of Buildings and Contents.


Barn insurance offer online insurance quotation system for Brick, Stone and Timber built Barn Conversions. Barns Conversion covers farm house insurance, country house insurance, timber frame and subsidence and Flood at very reasonable cost that suits your requirements and budget. At Barn Insurance UK we offer cheap and professional services for barn and up to 45% discount off your premium on your own online insurance quotation. If you have any questions or enquiry about our policy or discounts, so visit on – http://www.barninsurance.com

About Author: Stevens is writing article to provide with the various significance and policies of country house insurance and to help people getting the best barn conversion insurance company to avoid certain losses and damages. To know more about the various policies and quotations do visit http://www.barninsurance.com

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Criteria To Find Ranches in Texas

When the goal is finding a ranch for sale in Texas, the search can be long and arduous. Often what pops up in search engines is unusable material, considering you are looking for ranches for sale, not empty plots of land or really big houses with a little barn out back. I just spent way too much time filtering through homes that didn’t even come close to my search criteria only to find three actual ranches for sale in Texas. With the power of the internet, it is staggering to find that there are some things that just seem to slip under the search engine radar when seeking some very specific elements. It’s not like I don’t know how to use a search engine, it’s a trick used by companies who list their website under keywords that don’t actually fit the search criteria. If I am looking for ‘rural acreage for sale in central Texas,’ how exactly is it the three boat listings came up, one article that had something to do with traveling to Europe, and of course, even a listing for a dog breeder? What I am seeking are ranches for sale in Texas, or at the very least, a piece of rural acreage for sale in central Texas. This trick that companies do, listing themselves under unrelated keywords, isn’t funny to those of us out here in cyberspace trying to use the keywords. When I type something into a search engine, that’s actually what I’m looking for. What gets me is that the keywords these companies are listing themselves under simply don’t make sense. How boats are related to rural acreage for sale in is beyond me. Just because I want to make a purchase doesn’t mean I’ll just buy whatever rolls across my screen. If I’m looking for ranches for sale, I’m not likely to find the boat dealers popping up in my search and suddenly realize that was really what I meant to buy in the first place, and that I was just kidding about the ranches for sale in Texas. When I was finally able to get to the rural acreage for sale in Texas, I was happy to find that there are ample choices. The ranches for sale there are well priced, and good deals for the money always makes me happy. As a native Texan, I have always understood that it has a unique draw to it, but for several reasons, it’s historically been one of those overlooked states that, because of under performing growth and relatively weak demographics, had never really considered before by out of state investment. This is no longer true. Texas is ‘off the chart’ and climbing fast. In fact, the land has rapidly become the caviar for the appetites of land investors. If you’ve got the appetite, try taking a drive past the some of the various ranches for sale in Texas. They may light up dreams in you that you didn’t even know were there. Regardless of what the search engines decide to throw at you, don’t lose sight of finding the perfect piece of rural acreage for sale.

About Author: Barry Tipton is owner of GoodLandDeals.com, a comprehensive website that brings together motivated buyers and sellers of land. Tipton boasts over 32 years experience in land sales and marketing, ranch sales, and resort sales. Visit http://www.goodlanddeals.com to conduct online property searches.

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A Metal Barn Versus A Wooden Structure

Traditionally, barns were wooden structures used to house the various animals and supplies needed to run a farm. Now, however, more and more people are choosing to use metal barns instead of those made of wood. There are several advantages to using a metal barn as opposed to a wooden one, some of which are outlined below. First, metal buildings have proven to be quite cost-effective. There are several reason for this, the main one being the lack of maintenance needed to keep the structure in good working order. They are also cheaper to build, as steel is the least expensive method for erecting such a structure. They are also not susceptible to pests such as termites so this also cuts down on the potential cost of the upkeep as well. Another benefit of using a metal structure for a barn as opposed to one made of wood is that they are able to better withstand fire, rain, snow, and natural disasters such as earthquakes. This can be especially important if you live in an area where these are or could be common occurrences. Another advantage is the lower cost when adding space. Over time, you may decide you want to expand your barn, either to house more animals, or hold more equipment. If you choose a metal structure, you will be able to do so easily at a great rate. The construction is also much simpler, and takes considerably less time than adding onto a wooden barn. Metal barns are also easy to accessorize as needed. For example, you may choose to add more windows to your structure, or to add heating and air conditioning. You will be able to do so quickly and easily, and will enjoy many of the same benefits by doing so that you would with a traditional wooden barn. Your options are endless. When you begin looking for a company from which to purchase your barn, be sure you have researched your needs and have based them on your available budget. That way, you will be able to ask the right questions, and find a company that will provide you with a structure that will really work for you. Remember, the more you know, the better off you’ll be in the long run. Find out what has worked for other people so that you can get an idea of what might fit your needs. Be sure you are constructing a barn that will last, while also leaving room for any expansion or updates you may need in the future.

About Author: Future Metal Buildings are based on the strongest architectural design ever conceived, the arch.

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Rearing animals is no easier than raising children and one would want to provide them the best. It is imperative to provide all possible comfort to barn animals, to ensure a healthy and productive atmosphere. You would like your barn to be perfect in all possible ways, providing the best to your animals while also ensuring that it is not too hard on your pocket. Safety, spaciousness, ease of cleaning, durability and low costs are some things every barn owner would want as a priority. A tailor-made solution for all of a barn owner’s needs would be steel barns.


Steel buildings have all the above concerns and have a number of desirable qualities that every barn owner wants for his barn. This is the reason why steel barns are increasingly becoming popular with barn owners. The animals love it and the owners get the best deal for their money – you cannot get a better deal than this.


Steel is non-combustible and resistant to water, snow and the worst of weather conditions. Noisy steel roofs are a thing of the past, since simple fixes like an additional insulation layer can eliminate the noise during rough weathers. This provides safety and security for your barn animals and all the supplies inside, and you can rest in peace throughout the year.


Another way in which steel barns keep the animals inside comfortable is by maintaining an optimal temperature inside. With a little bit of insulation, steel barns can act as the perfect temperature control cabins. The metal reflects heat and the insulation prevents escape of heat during the cold days. This provides the ideal environment inside the barn for your animals. 


With steel barns you don’t need additional building materials – everything can be made out of steel: the walls, doors, windows, etc. The additional advantage is that it becomes simple and efficient to clean. Every barn owner knows how important this can be on time and effort. Steel barns can be effectively cleaned with water, soap and scrub, making them surprisingly simple to maintain. This provides an environment of hygiene, which is so essential for a barn.


Steels barns are easy to make with the help of prefabricated steel structures. This solves issues of scalability, and also saves greatly on the labor costs required to construct a barn. This also makes your barn highly flexible, and you can choose the sizes and dimensions for every aspect of your barn to your liking. You can also choose the shapes and colors of the structures so that you can have the ideal barn you have always dreamt of.


Steel is easily one of the strongest and toughest construction materials in use today. This ensures that even small quantities of steel used in construction can provide extremely high strength to the structure. Thus you do not need to spend a lot of money on tons of steel, like you would need with the alternates. Thus you can greatly optimize on the material costs of your barn, further reducing the price but ensuring the highest quality standards.

About Author: Shane Watson is an employee at Armstrong Steel. Armstrong Steel is one of the largest pre-engineered building suppliers in North America. Whether you want a pre-fab building kit to erect a building or a turnkey solution for your 100,000 square-foot facility, Armstrong Steel is committed to providing customers with the finest building at the lowest cost. Their buildings are durable, attractive and will meet or exceed your specific local building codes. They offer nationwide and international service and delivery of steel buildings. For more information visit http://www.armstrongsteelbuildings.com/.

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Why Barn Boots Are In Demand More Than Ever

Farm workers as we know wear barn boots. Farm working is a filthy job, at times hazardous, and the barn boots provide for the worker a sturdy shoe with a steel toecap, as well as being one that is easily wiped clean. A farm hand walks around day and night so they also offer the ultimate in comfort. So do you want to wear barn boots? They are not what you would call the most fashionable of items, but they are practical. Imagine you are at home and your dog is going wild jumping up and down because it needs to go for a walk. You look outside and its raining, you just know if you take the dog for a wander you will get filthy. If you had barn boots you would still get filthy, but they are meant to get dirty. You wouldn’t wear them any other time and things are meant to be used. So take that dog for a walk. One ludicrous myth passed on about barn boots, by people that don’t really know, is that they are difficult to walk in. I’ve seen farmers run in barn boots. Sometimes when an animal is loose they have to chase after it, catch the thing and throw it back in its pen. So lets put an end to that rumor. Barn boot are easy to walk in. They are easy to move in full stop. So now you want to buy a pair of barn boots. Where do you go? Well they are actually a specialist shoe and you are not going to find them in any shoe store. Not even in a discount shoe store. Where you will find them is in a farmers shop and the best place to find these is in the yellow pages. Phone them up because these boots are popular with their customers and there no point in making a wasted journey, driving miles into nowhere only to discover they don’t have them and getting back home at dark. So ask first and place an order if you want to buy it from that particular shop. The Internet is also a good place. In the google search write ‘barn shops’ and it will come up with a list of online shops that sell such footwear. Unfortunately you are limited to the style of barn boots you can buy. They tend to come in two colors green and black. Though there is a rumor that a company is going to start a navy blue line next season, this isn’t for a while so you are still limited to just two. In shape they’re exactly the same as each other with round toes and rubber soles.

About Author: Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as men’s work boots at http://www.westernandworkboots.com

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Barn Dance Band

A barn dance band is a perfect addition to any type of gathering, and is a fantastic alternative to traditional forms of music entertainment including DJs and tribute bands. Most of us have been to weddings and engagement parties and danced to the same old music – so why not surprise your guests with a barn dance band?

We are the Ship Band and we specialise in fantastic barn dance band music that is guaranteed to get everyone up off their seat and dancing away. We have played extensively over the UK and we are happy to consider jobs in any part of the country.

A barn dance band can help add a fun vibe to any type of gathering, but most of our customers book us for their wedding reception, engagement party or birthday bash, and we guarantee to get all guests in the mood for a great night of dancing.

The great thing about a barn dance band is that the sound is perfect for all types of venue, from small and intimate rooms to larger halls and community centres, so wherever you are having your wedding reception or other event, our barn dance band can provide fantastic music to get everyone in the party mood.

As well as being ideal for all sorts of venues, our barn dance band is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Unlike wedding reception DJs or bands, our barn dance band music can appeal to every single guest at a gathering, and ensures everyone has a brilliant time.

If you want to check out our fantastic barn dance band sound, visit our website for a range of video clips showing our barn dance band in action. These videos show the vibrancy of our shows and are a great way for people to decide whether they want a barn dance band at their event.

If you think that a barn dance band could be the right musical accompaniment to your wedding reception or birthday party, get in touch with us today and let us help your get-together go off with a bang.

We have played extensively throughout the UK, including gigs in Bath, Brighton, Plymouth, Cambridge, Leicester, Derby, Liverpool and Ipswich, and we are happy to bring our barn dance band to your area.

About Author: A barn dance band needs to be innovative and diverse if they are to capture the attention of their audience. Shipband.co.uk has the very best Scottish Ceilidh bands and the perfect barn dance band.

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Reclaimed Wood Flooring is the BEST Choice

If being green matters to you, reclaimed wood is your best choice for flooring*.

If you read most magazines or books you’ll see other options for eco-friendly flooring made out of materials like bamboo.

Here’s why Reclaimed Wood is Eco-Friendly:

Reclaimed Wood is local. There is an almost unlimited supply of reclaimed wood material available in the US. That beats shipping in new hardwoods from other countries, or clear cutting our own forests.

Reclaimed Wood requires less resources. Why not use a material (the reclaimed wood) that is already available as opposed to cutting down live trees. Worse yet, if the reclaimed wood goes unused it ends up in the waste stream, and trash is not something we need deal with more of.

Reclaimed Wood does not require excessive processing as engineered woods do. Reclaimed wood is manufactured with a saw, and not created as the result energy intensive processing or held together with chemicals.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring (aka Antique Wood, Barn Wood, Reclaimed Timber) is also the most beautiful and durable choice for flooring. American Chestnut, White Oak, Red Oak, Douglas Fir, and Heart Pine are some of the most common species.

*That is, if you don’t have an existing floor you can refinish. If that is the case, figure out a way to make what you have work. Ripping up an old wood floor that is structurally sound is NOT the most eco-friendly choice. There are plenty of refinishing supplies on the market today with low or no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) so don’t be put off by the thought of using harsh chemicals in your house because you won’t have to.

About Author: Ken is a hardwood flooring enthusiast.

Article Source: ArticlesAlley.com

Reclaimed Wood Choices For Flooring

What are the most common types of reclaimed wood that can be used for flooring?

Reclaimed wood, obviously enough, comes from older buildings that have lost their usefulness or are falling down. The most common sources of reclaimed timber are old factory buildings, old barns, or other structures like houses. Typically, these structures contain large support beams that provide strength to the building. These beams make up the source for most reclaimed wood flooring by being “reclaimed” and re-sawn into floor boards. Often old floor boards are reclaimed as well from these old structures. These type floor boards are very desirable as they retain an aged patina created from age and wear, and it cannot be recreated.

The species of wood most commonly used as reclaimed wood flooring (or antique wood, recycled wood, rustic wood) are in no particular order:

·         White Oak

·         Red Oak

·         Douglas Fir

·         Heart Pine

·         American Chestnut

White and Red Oak are noted for their durability and bold grain patterns. Oak is a very hard, hardwood and its wear resistance is comparable to most any flooring material available. When cut in a tongue and groove style, the two types of wood are almost indistinguishable.

Douglas Fir and Heart Pine are softer (yet adequately durable) than the Oaks, but show off a more distinct grain patterns with a greater contrast between the growth rings.

American Chestnut is unique in that it is in very limited supply. Years back a blight killed off the American Chestnut trees, so for a period the only available Chestnut was from reclaimed sources. Chestnut trees are trying to make a comeback.

About Author: Ken has been working in supply chain logistics for over 15 years and is the founder of 2 logistics companies in the e-commerce order fulfillment and transportation management software markets. He can be reached at kkowal@eroutingguide.com.

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Devine Farms Family Fun Activities Best Pumpkins in Ohio! | Ohio Pumpkin | Columbus Ohio Pumpkins | Newark Ohio Pumpkins

Activities at Devine Farms. A Newark Ohio Pumpkin Patch and Newark Ohio Pumpkin Farm too.

Famous Barrel Train Ride: Kids worship the Barrel Train Ride. Kids never want to get off the ride! They want to ride all day. The barrel train ride is wonderful for a fall day. It’s a 10 minute ride through a corn field! We say “you can’t be too big or too small to ride.” If you’re an grownup and you can fit in the barrel, you’re good to go! Young ones fit one or two to a barrel. 

Wagon Rides: We have two wagon rides. Our novel wagon ride takes you through the corn field and you sit on a straw bale and take pleasure in the wagon ride. This ride is handicap accessible as it is low to the ground. A wheelchair fits on this wagon ride. Our “Covered Wagon Ride” – well, our version of a covered wagon. It’s actually more modern with seats and a motor, of course! This ride is 15-20 minutes long and goes to the back forty of the farm. Our farm dates back to 1890 and is on the historic National Road. Early settlers passed by our farm as they traveled westward. This is your chance to see fields of grain up close. 

Corn Maze: Enjoy a slow walk through our corn maze this fall. It’s about 2 acres and still only a buck! Our maze is a uncomplicated maze. The whole family unit can enjoy this maze. Devine Farms says it’s wonderful for young kids and weary adults! 

Build Your Own Scarecrow:  When you think of fall, you think of pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns & scarecrows! You can bring your own shirt & pants and the whole family will go to the straw barn and make a scarecrow collectively. Yep, jam that shirt & pants with straw! Then you get to take it home! How awesomeis that? Forget to bring some older clothing? Don’t fret, we have plenty of clothes. Old fashion family fun is waiting for you at Devine Farms. 

Straw Crawl: Kids love to crawl through the tunnel of straw! The straw crawl is in a barn…..and it’s enormously cool. What’s not to love about playing and crawling in straw? 

Giant In-side Slide:  This is a Great big slide inside a barn! Kids and adults can slide on this Giant Slide! Come have fun and slide and slide the day away. 

Pumpkin Painting: Come paint a pumpkin and leave the clutter to us! You may also paint a wooden ornament or bird. It’s your choice plus you get to take your art work home! Everyone wants to paint a pumpkin! 

Fun Fest Area:  This is wonderful for little ones 48 inches or less. There are riding toys, a corn box, a wheat box and even a mini corn hole game! That’s why we call it the fun fest area.

Bee Hive:  We have a living bee hive for you to look into! Pumpkin & Bees go together. We need bees to pollinate the pumpkins or a pumpkin doesn’t grow! Come see the bee hive and find the Queen Bee! Don’t worry, it’s safe. The bees are behind glass/plastic. 

Air Brushed Pumpkins: Mark Helser is a pumpkin artist. Yep, he airbrushes pumpkins! Gotta see it to believe it! Visit the farm on weekends and see Mark and his pumpkins! 

Magic Show:  Magic Shows by Dave Lehman at the farm this fall! Magic & Pumpkins, a wonderful combination. Magic Shows will be on select Sundays this fall. Check out the website for details. 

Last but certainly not least come to visit the best pumpkin patch in Ohio.  We are just minutes east of Columbus, Ohio in Hebron, Ohio.  Close to Newark, Oh in the heart of Licking County and easily accessible by all in Central Ohio.  Stop by the pumpkin patch and pick your own pumpkin from the huge assortment.



Newark Ohio pumpkins, Columbus, Ohio, Central, Ohio, Hebron, Ohio Pumpkin Patch, Corn Maze 

We proudly serve the Central Ohio area including Newark, Heath, Hebron, Columbus, Gahanna, Pataskala, Utica and beyond. Ohio grows the best pumpkins! Ohio Pumpkins

About Author: Patrick Cherubini is the owner of Cherubini Designs. An Ohio Web Design Company and Ohio SEO Company doing SEO work for Devine Pumpkin Farm

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