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How to Set Up Metal Barn Kits | Hesketts Barn Restoration and Repair PA and OH

How to Set Up Metal Barn Kits

Metal barn kits are fantastic, cost-efficient, easy-to-do construction projects that can help you save in the long term. As compared to pole barn kits, the metal barn kit has shorter construction times, but they can be more expensive to purchase. However, a metal barn kit can help you save more in terms of long-term value, and you’ll also need to spend less when it comes to maintenance. If you want to set up your own barn or storage space and you have already acquire the necessary papers to go through with your construction project, here’s how you can begin setting up your metal barn package.

Step 1

Before anything else, you need to order your metal barn kits from a supply store or online. Projects that are moderate sized can be completed by a team of at least three or four people. There are a plethora of barn packages available online and all throughout North America. Pay close attention to the size of your building kit. Try the arch style barn kit if you want something that is affordable and easy to set up.

Step 2

After selecting from metal barn kits, you must now prepare the site for building. Level off the site and remember to include levels space around the side of the barn so that moving in your steel components become easy. Lay out the land, excavate the area and afterwards construct the forms. You should then pour in the foundation. Depending on your kit manufacturer, your foundation should match its specifications. Building barn packages require certain skills so if you don’t believe in your ability to finish the job, you may consider hiring a contractor to be responsible for laying down the foundation and checking it before the last pour. Don’t forget to place the attachment plates along the sides of the foundation.

Step 3

Once the kit arrives, unload it from the truck and arrange the components in an organized manner to make the construction process easier. It may be useful to have a loader or a tractor for this job.

Step 4

Arrange the scaffolding for temporary stability while the steel sections are in the process of being erected.

Step 5

Arrange the sections of your first arch and put them together with bolts. It is very important that your work area is level. Arrange each section on its side, and bolt each section making sure it is secure. Assemble the arches and move on to the next step.

Step 6

Arrange the arch sections and move them into their rightful place in the foundation. Attach your sections accordingly if your metal barn kits are base plates installations or slot installations.

Step 7

Attach your end walls. End walls are available through a manufacturer or you can build them using wood framing construction

Step 8

Finish off with lighting, service panels, or any fixture that you desire. Metal barn kits are easy to set up just as long as you follow the instructions and the specifications given.

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