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Pole Barn Garages | Hesketts Barn Restoration and Repair PA and OH

Pole Barn Garages

Whether it’s for commercial or residential use, a pole barn building is a great option for a garage. Keeping vehicles safe from foul weather and other outdoor hazards is essential to the longevity of your cars and trucks and with a well designed and expertly crafted pole building you can have a multiple vehicle garage installed quickly so you won’t have to worry about snow, rain, high winds and excessive UV sunlight. While pole buildings can serve many purposes including storage for farm equipment and machinery and as sheds for horses and other animals, one of the most popular applications is to use the pole building as a residential or commercial garage.

Not every home includes a garage and most farms and construction sites won’t have stand alone garages either. The cost of putting in a stick frame building may be too much for your budget in which case it might be in your best interest to consider installing a pole barn building instead. Cheaper than traditional garages and able to be built in half the time, a pole building is a cost-effective choice for protecting cars as well as commercial vehicles including trucks, tractors and harvesters. If you leave vehicles and equipment outside there’s a very good chance that the combination of foul weather and other outdoor hazards will cause wear and tear that can lead to damage that may require expensive repairs or purchasing new vehicles.

A pole barn garage can be easily designed and sometimes installed in just one day. Depending on the size and shape of your garage and if you plan on customizing it may take a little longer but on average pole buildings go up pretty fast. Having a pole building carport will make life much easier for you around the house and on commercial property such as farms and construction sites. In addition to providing safe housing for vehicles a pole building can also be used as storage space for building materials, tools, agricultural supplies and miscellaneous items.

The versatility of a pole barn garage makes it a very valuable building to have on your property. When the weather is nice you may not need to store your car or truck in the garage but can use the pole building for other storage needs including equipment, machinery and food stocks. Pole barn garages can also be customized to add windows, porches, Dutch doors and overhangs so you have a unique carport that serves all your residential and commercial needs.

To get a high quality pole barn building anywhere in the mid-Atlantic region contact CHA Pole Barns for expert design and pole barn installation.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kevin_McLaughlin

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