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Pole Barn Kits: Where to Build? | Hesketts Barn Restoration and Repair PA and OH

Pole Barn Kits: Where to Build?

So you’ve decided to add a pole barn to your property. But where should you build it? Pole barn kits provide you with an affordable way to build a barn for livestock, storage, workshops, etc. The kits contain all the materials needed plus blueprints to carry out your project so you won’t have to gather all the building information and materials on your own. On the market you’ll find a variety of garage building kits, metal building kits, barn building kits and other designs to fit just about any need.

Pole barn packages are designed specifically for the home improvement do-it-yourselfer, but where you build the new structure is as important as how you build it. Do you have plenty of flat land to choose from, or is space limited? Does your yard provide easy access to the area you wish to build, or will you need to create an access road while constructing the barn? These and other considerations will tremendously influence your decision when choosing a location for the barn or structure.

Land Features

First, consider the features of the land where you wish to build. Is there appropriate drainage to prevent moisture build-up around the barn? If not, you might have a muddy mess every time it rains! Excess moisture can be harmful to your livestock if you plan to use the barn to house animals. The land should be a mostly flat surface with some drainage to the sides, or you might have to rent land-moving equipment or hire a landscaper to create an even lot for construction.

Also consider if you’ll want trees for shade or full sun. Choose trees that will lose their leaves during winter so your building will get plenty of warmth during winter days. You can insulate pole barns, but sunshine (in winter) and trees for shade during hot months can really help!

Purpose and Location

Consider the purpose for your barn. If the barn will be used to store expensive equipment, you’ll want it as close to your home as possible. Having it too far away makes it a prime target for thieves. If you place it near your home, you can install a wireless alarm system to secure your barn and home on the same security setup. With home garage kits, these will need to be near your home as well, preferably at the edge or side of the driveway.

Livestock barns should not be built too close to the home. The smells and noises can become annoying after a while! In this case, the barn should be in a convenient spot in your pasture so you can allow the animals to roam freely with easy access to the barn for feeding times or for housing them during evenings.

Building Permits

No matter where you decide to build the barn, you’ll likely need a building permit from your local building/zoning department. Building permits cost money and should be obtained only after careful consideration as to where you will build on your property. You’ll need to be able to explain what you’re building, where and why to obtain a permit.

Other factors that can affect where you build include weather elements (living where there’s frequent heavy snow or rain), proximity to the neighbors, the type of foundation (if any), etc. Use these tips to narrow your choices and get a few professional opinions if you’re still not sure of the best spot. Then get started by browsing pole barn kits online to pick the right style and design!

Chris Robertson is an author of Majon International, one of the world’s MOST POPULAR website advertising companies on the web.
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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Chris_Robertson

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