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Reclaimed Wood Choices For Flooring | Hesketts Barn Restoration and Repair PA and OH

Reclaimed Wood Choices For Flooring

What are the most common types of reclaimed wood that can be used for flooring?

Reclaimed wood, obviously enough, comes from older buildings that have lost their usefulness or are falling down. The most common sources of reclaimed timber are old factory buildings, old barns, or other structures like houses. Typically, these structures contain large support beams that provide strength to the building. These beams make up the source for most reclaimed wood flooring by being “reclaimed” and re-sawn into floor boards. Often old floor boards are reclaimed as well from these old structures. These type floor boards are very desirable as they retain an aged patina created from age and wear, and it cannot be recreated.

The species of wood most commonly used as reclaimed wood flooring (or antique wood, recycled wood, rustic wood) are in no particular order:

·         White Oak

·         Red Oak

·         Douglas Fir

·         Heart Pine

·         American Chestnut

White and Red Oak are noted for their durability and bold grain patterns. Oak is a very hard, hardwood and its wear resistance is comparable to most any flooring material available. When cut in a tongue and groove style, the two types of wood are almost indistinguishable.

Douglas Fir and Heart Pine are softer (yet adequately durable) than the Oaks, but show off a more distinct grain patterns with a greater contrast between the growth rings.

American Chestnut is unique in that it is in very limited supply. Years back a blight killed off the American Chestnut trees, so for a period the only available Chestnut was from reclaimed sources. Chestnut trees are trying to make a comeback.

About Author: Ken has been working in supply chain logistics for over 15 years and is the founder of 2 logistics companies in the e-commerce order fulfillment and transportation management software markets. He can be reached at kkowal@eroutingguide.com.

Article Source: ArticlesAlley.com

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