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Reclaimed Wood Flooring is the BEST Choice | Hesketts Barn Restoration and Repair PA and OH

Reclaimed Wood Flooring is the BEST Choice

If being green matters to you, reclaimed wood is your best choice for flooring*.

If you read most magazines or books you’ll see other options for eco-friendly flooring made out of materials like bamboo.

Here’s why Reclaimed Wood is Eco-Friendly:

Reclaimed Wood is local. There is an almost unlimited supply of reclaimed wood material available in the US. That beats shipping in new hardwoods from other countries, or clear cutting our own forests.

Reclaimed Wood requires less resources. Why not use a material (the reclaimed wood) that is already available as opposed to cutting down live trees. Worse yet, if the reclaimed wood goes unused it ends up in the waste stream, and trash is not something we need deal with more of.

Reclaimed Wood does not require excessive processing as engineered woods do. Reclaimed wood is manufactured with a saw, and not created as the result energy intensive processing or held together with chemicals.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring (aka Antique Wood, Barn Wood, Reclaimed Timber) is also the most beautiful and durable choice for flooring. American Chestnut, White Oak, Red Oak, Douglas Fir, and Heart Pine are some of the most common species.

*That is, if you don’t have an existing floor you can refinish. If that is the case, figure out a way to make what you have work. Ripping up an old wood floor that is structurally sound is NOT the most eco-friendly choice. There are plenty of refinishing supplies on the market today with low or no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) so don’t be put off by the thought of using harsh chemicals in your house because you won’t have to.

About Author: Ken is a hardwood flooring enthusiast.

Article Source: ArticlesAlley.com

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