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Standing Seam Roofs | Hesketts Barn Restoration and Repair PA and OH

Standing Seam Roofs

It might be hard to believe, but roofing is definitely a competitive industry due to the technological development of the past few decades. Building requirements are becoming higher and higher, weather conditions are more and more extreme every time, meanwhile people have growing general expectations. Consequently, professionals are facing a great challenge to satisfy customers’ needs, especially in the construction industry.

standing seam roofs prove to be amongst the best options to suit – and further exceed – these high expectations. The advantages of these roofs beat any conventional construction techniques. Now let’s have a general overview of these benefits.

One of the most important advantages is that these roofs are weatherproof, which means that they withstand extreme weather conditions, such as excess sunlight, precipitation, snow and wind. They prove to be efficient in managing the so called thermal shock, as metal expands and contracts as temperature changes. The clip system together with the interlocked and seamed metal panels can impede leakage and wind uplift.

Durability is another major issue in roofing. Alike metal buildings, metal standing seam roofs can be easily set up and are basically maintenance-free for some 20 years. standing seam roofs are also lightweight, which contributes to the easy installation or future replacement of the roof. Installation can be even quicker, because standing seam roofs can be laid on the original roof, so it is not necessary to remove the previous layer.

Metal sheets can be coated with a layer of the alloy of aluminum and zinc, which can further enhance its durability and resist corrosion. Besides, the protective layer can also make your building look better!

Unlike traditional roofs, metal roofs not only withstand extreme heat, but are also resistant to fire as they meet the highest standards. In case of fire or combustion, metal roofs can contain the further expansion of fire, therefore reducing possible damages.

As standing seam roofs do not require special maintenance and they come with at least 20 years warranty, metal roofs prove to be way more cost-effective then conventional roofing options, like single-ply and built-up systems.

And last but not least, standing seam roof systems are environment friendly as the metal sheets are processed from recycled materials. Besides, once you decide to get rid of your roof, it can be further recycled many times. Recycling is definitely a current issue in today’s world where tiny and conscious steps can contribute to make our planet a little greener.

Standing seam roof is a great option for either steep or flat profiles due to its flexibility. The metal seam roof system is primarily designed for industrial or commercial buildings’ traditional roofs, but it is also suitable for more complex roofs.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Borbala_Labancz

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