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American Barns for Your Horses

American barns or American style barns are certainly becoming increasingly popular in the UK. As well as the obvious benefits such as shelter and warmth for the horses there are other reasons why this style of barn is proving to be a hit on these shores.

There are of course different shapes, styles and sizes available but the general layout of an American barn is to have once central gangway down the middle, with horses housed to either side in stalls. This makes the working space organised and efficient.

Some of the barns are available in a modular style, which really helps you to select something that is suitable for your own particular enterprise. You might just have one or two horses and limited space or you may have a larger number of horses and plenty of land in which to have your barns and stables built.

Stall windows are usually optional but they can certainly improve not only the lighting but the general airing of the structure too, as well as adding a more stylish design. You can also have your barn built in a number of different materials, with some being made from solid wood right the way through and other designs having a steel framework and shell and then clad in timber to give you a more aesthetically pleasing finish. For an extra little flourish you could even add an optional clock tower!

American barns can be fitted with large sliding doors or if you prefer the more traditional hinged doors, these are available too. All in all, they are highly customisable and there are online specialists who will work with you to provide you with exactly the kind of horse barns that you need.

If you don’t already have an existing building, then an American barn can be the ideal solution for internal stables.

If you are worried about the cold, harsh winters then there is always the option of insulating the barn, which not only protects the horses from the very worst of the cold, but also makes any work that needs to be done inside, such as mucking out or feeding a bit more bearable too.

If the barns are for a farm or piece of land that already has a number of wooden outbuildings, then these structures will blend in perfectly with the existing buildings.

Some specialists will supply, deliver and build your selected American barn on your premises, so the final benefit means that all of the heavy lifting and installation can be done for you.

So, the key points in brief:

Versatility – Any size, any number of horses
Security – Horses kept safely inside, especially during harsh weather
Easy to work in – With a central space down the middle
Build Variety – Choose a style that suits your space
Specialist Companies – Delivery and assembly made easy

For much more information about American barns and other stabling solutions for your horses, please visit the website at Cheval Liberte.

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