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Horse Barn Plans – Well Built Barns for Horses

Using horse barn plans to build a structure is just like reading any other set of plans. However this project might require a higher level of precision since living animals will occupy this barn. Horse stables should also be included for functionality purposes.

For those of you with a love of horses

Have you recently purchased some farmland and have a love for horses, then ranching might be a hobby you would like to pursue. Ideally you would start of with building a horse barn or two so that you have sufficient storage space to hold as many horses as you desire. Pole barns are a good option as a foundation is not required which is ideal as horses prefer to plant their hove’s on the bare ground.

It is a good idea to pick a spot for each horse inside the barn and only store them there when they are put away. This will allow them to feel more comfortable as they can identify a space as home.

Metal horse barn plans

Metal barns can be a bit more technical during the building stage. You will need a completely different set of tools and techniques as compared to woodworking. Depending on the prices of raw materials in your country metal building projects can also be more expensive so you really do need to consider what advantages you gain from choosing metal over wood. Lumber packages can come very cheap when you buy in bulk, therefore you need to do some research in order to compare the different prices available to you.

To obtain a set of metal horse barn plans you will need to consult a specialized company that deals with these type of construction projects. For those of you not interested in doing the construction work yourself can buy a horse barn kit that comes complete with a number tradesmen that will do the work for you. This is the most expensive option, but if you have no experience or desire in construction work them it is the logical choice. Another option is to source all the contractors and building materials by yourself, however this in itself is a skill that needs to be honed in order to get good results. Otherwise you can end up with a poor workforce, second rate materials and useless horse barn pans.

Factors to consider of a well built barn

1. Having at least two large doors which are ideally mechanized will ensure easy passage for the horse in and out of the barn. Mechanized doors in the longer run will make the running of your ranch much easier. Also for health and safety purposes make sure that you have two doors at both ends of the barn so you have easy access during emergencies such as a fire outbreak.

2. Ideally your horse barn roof will allow ventilation to take place and a healthy amount of sunlight. These two things keep your horses much more healthy than they would be otherwise.

3. To keep the horses calm it is a good idea to have the ventilation units as quiet as possible. This needs to be incorporated into the horse barn plans or pole barn plans.

Pole barn products and services can be hard to research therefore check out pole barn prices

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Pole Barns: Eco-Friendly And Simplistic

Building a pole barn has become a much easier task today. With tons of available ready-to-use plans and blueprints, a handy homeowner can build not only a pole barn of two or even six horse stalls, but also add convenient sheds for tractors, feed storage or shelters. The plans can be used to build other kinds of pole buildings, including workshops, storage barns or garages. Simplicity, cost-cutting and durability are the main reasons why people still use poles, the oldest construction technique, to create simple buildings.

Poles have been used for centuries to raise huts and shelters all over the world. Poles rooted in earth forming a frame for the covering material, be it animal skin, wood or metal, provided enough warmth and protection, and could be built very quickly from whatever material was available. To build pole barns, people still use this technique, which hasn’t changed much over the years. The materials have changed though, and today pole barns are covered with aluminum, steel and other durable lightweight materials, with insulation and sometimes wooden or brick facades.

Pole barns are becoming more and more popular because they allow the building of reliable shelter for animals or storage without money-consuming earth excavation, concrete foundations and general site disruption.

The cheapest way to start building a pole barn is with a pole foundation. Pole foundation is actually a pole that doubles as a framing member. Posts or poles are inserted deep into ground so they can bear a lot of pressure, sometimes as deep as 10ft. But that’s almost all digging for the foundation that a pole barn builder can expect. The pressure is distributed evenly around the pole, and the construction becomes very stable and durable. The builder can dig the holes himself or using a power auger. The poles are secured by a small amount of concrete poured into the holes, saving money and labor, as full concrete foundations can be somewhat expensive.

The pole foundation gives the construction a lot of flexibility. A pole barn with pole foundation can be raised virtually anywhere, even in places where a traditional concrete foundation is not possible, for example, on a steep hillside or wooded area. Thanks to the pole foundation, a pole barn can be built very quickly without expensive ground excavation. Even coastal, earthquake and mountain areas are suitable for building pole barns and sheds. This way, pole barns leave the best land for raising crops, preserving the natural environment and are generally more environmentally friendly with their minimal construction techniques.

Another advantage to pole barns is that you don’t have to make them visually perfect and “manicured”. You can use cheap galvanized steel for the roof and wood sidings, making the whole project very affordable. The only thing that is not worth skimping on, according to experienced builders, are storm clips. These are a valuable investment considering storms and hurricanes are hitting more and more often. Trusses also need to be of good quality as these parts of pole building construction will carry significant weight.

Pole barns and other pole buildings will cost somewhere in the area of $3,000 and upwards, depending on the size and materials available in your particular area. With simple instructions and plans, these buildings can be raised in no time, even if you don’t have strong building experience.