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Assessing Metal Roofing Prices: A Worthy Investment

Abrupt, unexpected changes in weather and climate can also bring about similarly unexpected and unwanted repair costs for your home. One area of the home that gets most of the damage and is most susceptible to normal wear and tear of materials is the roofing. With all day and night exposure to harmful elements, every person who wants a stable abode always looks for the best roofing materials. Some household have opted for the use of asphalt shingles, but most believe that this is outdated. First, the material has been proven to last only from 12-17 years, while metals lasts from 50 years or longer. With this feature, metal roofing prices are also higher compared to the conventional asphalt installation costs. But thinking of metals as a revolutionary, advanced and more efficient commodity makes it a good thing to invest much on. Some metal roofing prices are set with lifetime warranties, so you can never go wrong with these. The constant changing and repairing of roofing materials that have less quality would cost you more in the long run.

Metal roofing prices can stand for themselves on more aspects than just durability. Metal shingles can also provide long-lasting aesthetic quality, as it has more varieties in terms of texture, color, structure, form, and material, among others. There’s galvanized, aluminum, steel, copper, zinc, and standing seam metal roofs. There are also more options for shade and finishing that add to the life of your rooftops. Shades range from wood browns, red tints, gray and metal shades, greens, whites (yes, even white has varieties), blue monochromes, and even colors with a metallic finish. Metal shingles also withstand snow, water, wind, and heat elements, so variations in household area conditions become less of a concern.

There are basic things to consider when installing a roof. The metal roofing prices your construction may incur are dependent upon the mix and match of these aspects. The list includes shingle material, total roof area, roof paint brand and quality, installation method (you may do it yourself, but professional methods are always recommended), base installation cost, and much more. Expect really high prices, but also look out for the justifications behind the high cost. In more recent statistics, metal roofing prices of materials range from $3.50 to $11.00 per square foot. This translates into a cost of around $400.00 to $1,100.00 per roofing square, excluding installation. If installation of base or ventilation systems is considered, a $30 to $40 per square cost is added. All of these are general metal roofing prices estimations, and it is best to know your supplier’s exact price list. Search online for specific suppliers and what services or products they can offer.

Understand Metal Roofing Prices or learn How to Install Metal Roofing

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Standing Seam Metal Roof – Tons Of Benefits

If you’re looking for a new roof or even an upgrade of your existing roof, then consider a standing seam metal roof. Metal roofs are a great choice for providing long term protection from the outside elements and have been popular on many buildings for years. There are many factors to consider when looking at metal roofing.

A standing seam metal roof has many benefits. Though it may not be the cheapest way to roof your building, the trade off is huge. Perhaps the largest benefit is that these roofs need less maintenance over the years than any traditional roofing. Your investment in one of these roofs will be returned many times over.

Metal roofs installation has become more and more efficient as well. It takes less time and knowledge to install a standing seam metal roof than it does a traditional roof. Many metal roofing companies are working to further refine this process. Some of these roofs are so simple; you can install them with just six standard and common tools.

The existence of older metal roofs is still present today on many buildings. This shows that metal roofing has proven the test of time. Metal roofing also makes the cost of the roof much cheaper than an alternative, therefore benefiting the consumer. A standing seam metal roof is a great choice for both contractors and homeowners.

This kind of roof lasts a long time and looks appealing to the eye. Shoppers are choosing them because they can select from among a number of designs and colors that are offered. When tested, the roofing has endured winds of over 100 mph, and their ability to reflect sunlight allows them to melt snow or ice that drops on them. They are also ecologically friendly since they are crafted from materials which for the most part have undergone recycling.

Choosing from these roof styles will save on energy expenses, be a long lasting addition and give you a good looking investment. It is reported that you can save up to twenty percent on your energy expenses, due to the metal of the roof blocking the transfer of heat. Purchasing any of the styles of standing seam metal roof will be a decision that pleases you now and in the future.

There are lots of advantages to a standing seam metal roof. While it is a more expensive method of roofing, you still gain in the end. The greatest advantage is the decrease in the requirement for upkeep as compared with that for a standard roof. Before long, the money you have spent will be paid back with a high rate of interest. The efficiency of metal roofs installation has increased from earlier times. It is actually easier and faster than installing a traditional roof. The metal roofing companies have been refining their processes and some of the roofs are simple enough to install with your regular, standard tools.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ryan_McCall

Steel Roofing – Regaining Popularity

Steel roofing is getting popular again and for a very good reason among all sections of the building industry. Galvalume steel roofing which is nothing but aluminum and zinc coated with steel has been around for a long time now. It is highly durable and lasts much longer than any other roofing material. It is only recently that steel roofs have started getting recognized again both by residential homeowners and commercial establishments.

Curious about why steel roofing is great choice?

Steel roofing is corrosion resistant and this helps in prolonging the life of the roof to a long time indeed. The material is malleable and quite easy to roll out as sheets, it can be molded into shingles or panels whichever is suitable for the building.

Painting improves the performance of the steel roofing and also makes it more attractive. The painting protects the steel underneath. The galvalume sheets are strong enough to withstand extreme weather. It does not crack and peel like asphalt shingles under extreme weather variations.

In commercial buildings and business establishments standing seam avoids the problems of leaky roofs. The commonly used roofs like asphalt undergoes wear and tear over the same time and gets cracked, develops leaks and tears. These can cause water to seep into it and then into the interiors of the building damaging the walls and can be dangerous too if not fixed immediately.

Leaky roofs cost a lot to fixed. Over time the repair costs can escalate. So, it might be wiser to make a higher initial investment and buy a long-lasting and durable steel roofing system. This is easy to install, is quite tough and leak-proof. Steel is one of the best solutions one can think for all kinds of weather and climates.

If you are considering retrofitting your roof then steel roofing is perfect as it can be established over the existing one and there is no need to tear down the old shingles. This is environment friendly as no roofing materials needs to go to a landfill. There is no need to work to be stopped in businesses and offices, as the steel sheets can be laid with no problems to people working inside the buildings. That’s a great for productivity of the company.

It is better to not install wood or steel decking on the existing roof frame of residential buildings. A layer of felt usually laid over the decking affords protection from the elements.

Today, steel roofing has acquired a following in the millions. They are becoming one of the most popular options as they are both economical and effective in the long-term.

Booker C, an expert in roofing industry has written articles to help lay persons understand the different roofing options available. For the detailed article on metal roofing systems. Click here. His articles are featured on Roof Shingles Price and other websites.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Booker_Columbo

Installing Standing Seam Roofing – Choosing Metal Roofing Finishes and Hardware

Creating a watertight metal roof, whether a DIY standing seam roofing project, or any other kind of metal roof, can be a far more complex process that initially contemplated – particularly if using pre colored sheeting, where painting over waterproofing is not a viable option. Here are a few of the basics you need to consider to make sure you have a leak proof metal roof.

When undertaking a DIY standing seam roof, or another metal roofing project, investigating these waterproofing tips will certainly offer a roof with a much longer lifespan!

Metal Sheet Fixings

Choosing the right fixing for your new metal roofing is critical. Factors to be considered are the base structure – is it timber or wood? The type of sheeting also plays a role, with regards to the length of fixing, as does the sheet finish – galvanized sheeting requires galvanized screws or nails, while zincalume requires a zincalume screw or nail.

Most important, choose a fixing with a built in cap. These are both weatherproof, being plastic, and help coordinate with color sheeting – the cap being available in a range of colors. DIY standing seam roofing projects in particular can be made much easier by using the right fixings!


There are a variety of sealants around, the two major groups being silicone or mastic. Silicone has the benefit of being available in a clear variant, therefore being invisible once applied. Mastic however, often offers a much longer lifespan, since it does not dry out or shrink.


Polyclosures are die cut polyester foam rubber strips, cut to follow the contour of the sheet profile. Fitted under flashings, and secured with silicone or mastic, they prevent wind driven moisture from entering the roof space under the flashings. Most companies offering wholesale metal roof materials will also offer a specifically designed polyclosure for the profile you choose.


Depending of the layout of your roof, you may require any one, or a combination of sidewall, headwall, ridge, hip or apron flashings, or perhaps another specialized flashing altogether. Flashings are generally affixed after the metal roof sheeting is completely laid and trimmed, and affixed using stainless steel or aluminum rivets. These rivets should then be sealed with silicone or mastic. Careful planning when deciding how to install a metal roof will mean that you have all of these, and other accessories on hand, and don’t experience any delays!

Where chimneys are fitted lower on a pitched roof, a special flashing is generally manufactured. Called a soaker sheet, they are designed to channel all water that would accumulate behind a chimney around the chimney and off the roof, thereby preventing water from damming up behind chimneys and damaging the metal sheeting.


Roof sheeting is always laid lengthways, so that the pan, or channels, can divert water off the roof. The sheets always overlap, known as a side lap, usually by one rib. However, on very low pitches, particularly when using a poor water channeller such as corrugated sheeting, double laps (two rib overlaps) may be a good idea.

It is also never a good idea to end lap a sheet. This means to overlap the sheet lengthways with another sheet. While it may save money in the short term, the overlap will almost always be the site of rust, since water will seep between the two sheets and accumulate there. Asking a roofing professional for metal roof installation instructions can certainly help avoid this kind of mistake!

When in doubt with regards to waterproofing accessories for your metal roof, whether a DIY standing seam roofing project, or otherwise, it would be advisable to seek out a roofing professional or sheeting manufacturer for advice. Many offer free advisory, or even estimating services, to help you make the right choices for you roof.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ryan_McCall

Installing Standing Seam Roofing – Choosing Metal Roofing Finishes

When deciding on installing standing seam roofing, it is not only practical aspects of the job, such as learning how to install a metal roof, or more about residential metal roofing applications that are a factor. Aesthetics and the visual appeal of the roof with your house are also very important.

Not only do roofing finishes affect the aesthetics, but depending on the coating or material you choose when installing your metal roof, you will either get more or less years of service from it. Here are a few finish options explained.


If installing standing seam roofing with a galvanized finish, you are choosing a mild steel substrate, with an electro-galvanized finish. This means that the sheeting is coated with a thin layer of zinc, which is bonded to the sheeting.

Suitable for installing standing seam or other metal roof sheeting that is not near the coast, this option does not hold up well under marine or industrial conditions, so avoid it if you live near the sea, or in an urban area with a lot of pollution!


Similar to galvanized sheeting, zincalume coating is a mixture of zinc and aluminum, bonded to a mild steel substrate. This type of coating holds up much better under tough marine and industrial conditions, and many manufacturers offer a longer warranty on the sheeting.


Aluminum sheeting is much more costly, but since it is non-ferrous, rust is not a problem. For residential roofing applications where a very long lifespan is a requirement, or even commercial or industrial application this is an ideal choice, if you can afford it.

Other Metals

Some sheeting manufacturers will be prepared to roll special orders, based on larger quantities, in metals such as copper. The cost is usually higher, but these other metals can create a unique visual appeal, and may offer superior corrosion resistance. Check with your supplier whether they offer any unique metals.

Color Coatings

While you can opt for a plain galvanized, zincalume or aluminum sheeting, you may decide, when installing standing seam sheeting or other metal roofing, to opt for pre coated options.

These coatings are bonded to the coated base metal using a heat process, similar to powder coating. Metal roof colors vary from supplier to supplier, but there are a large variety. In addition to offering a better aesthetic, these metal roof colors are usually guaranteed for some time, providing the metal roof installation instructions of the manufacturer are followed.

Instead of, therefore, having to paint your roof, if you desire a color finish, every few years, you may get ten to fifteen years of trouble free, color coated service.

When installing standing seam roofing, or other roof sheeting, and choosing a finish option, it is worthwhile to consult the manufacturers or a roofing professional, to find out how to install a metal roof properly, and pick up some metal roof installation tips. Getting it wrong can void a guarantee – so exercise caution!

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ryan_McCall

Facts About Standing Seam Roofing Tools

Putting on a standing seam roof can be a chore unless the proper equipment is used. Making sure that you have appropriate standing seam roofing tools is the first thing you need to do before starting your project. In order to achieve the state-of-the art roof that you want, you need to make absolutely certain that you are well prepared. There are many manufacturers throughout the United States that offer excellent roofing tools at competitive prices. Shop around and ask questions before purchasing any of the tools you’ll need for this major project you are undertaking.

There are specialized tools that will help meet your slope requirements, retrofitting and equipment needs. You will be able to find just the right metal panels, clips, fasteners and flashing by asking questions and providing accurate information. You also will be able to select from many different types of materials including galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, zinc and stainless steel. All of these materials, of course, vary in price. That it why it is so important to compare prices among manufacturers so that you get the best deal you can.

Some of the things you will need to complete your roofing project are roofing paper, exterior paint, a crimping tool, clips, fasteners, gloves, standing seam roofing panels, a hammer, and cutters. Once you have laid each panel lengthwise on your roof, you will use clips to attach it to the sheathing below. Your crimping tool will come in handy as you crimp each panel edge together. This crimping process keeps a watertight seal between the panels on your roof. Once your roof is completely installed, then all you have to do is paint it whatever color you choose.

Standing seam metal roofs are becoming more and more popular on residential homes. If they are installed correctly using recommended standing seam roofing tools, they will last a lifetime and be pretty much maintenance free. They are also fire resistant which is why they are often found in geographic areas that are prone to forest fires.

Matt writes more about standing seam roofing tools at http://www.roofing-tools-info.info/standingseamroofingtools.html

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Matt_Murren

Everything You Should Know About Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Most metal roofing systems are very durable and their maintenance expenses are low. You can easily attach these metal roofs to other materials used in roofing. The most crucial element of these standing sea metal roofing is that they do not catch fire easily.

Here is a list of everything you should know in regards to these roofings.

Water seepage prevention

The standing seam metal roofings are made of interlocked materials. These roofings are built vertically and run along the rooftop to the eave. This results in the formation of a comprehensive interlocking system, which prevents water from seeping into the roof. The interlocking ensures that there are no spaces in between to allow water seepage.

Different varieties

Standing seam metal roofs come in different colors as well as sizes. Some varieties have vertical panels in close harmony with gauge lengths. This makes these conducive for home usage. The cut and shape of these metal roofings also ensures easy portability. The metal shingles are packaged in advance to help a homeowner install it easily, based on the desired visual impact.

Panel securing

The panel is secured onto the metal sheathing in two ways. One method is through the usage of hidden fasteners. These secure raised parts to panels and this in turn, covers the subsequent panel. The second option is by using exposed fasteners. These get inserted through the metal panel through the sheathing. This latter method is more expensive compared to the hidden fastener method.

Job site construction

The standing seam metal roofings often get constructed on the site itself. This way, homeowners get to see installation as it happens. The contractor will construct the roofing using specialized equipment. The metal roofing initially is in the form of a sheet of gauge metal, which is then cut to size as per roof length. The tool used by contractors for this purpose is known as a ‘brake’.

Forming of sections

Inside the standing seam metal roofing, every part is formed exactly in accordance with the preferences of the homeowner. This helps prevent wastage of materials during construction. It also prevents the contractor from discarding wrongly cut metal panels. Brakes help in shaping panels and provide the distinct interlocking character of the parts.

Installation tips

If manual methods are being employed for installation of standing seam metal roofings then the person should be careful about placing the fingers. Hydraulics that have sharp teeth on their shears, are used for cutting the metal panels. Trimming is required by hand once panel formation happens. After this, it needs to be cut as per required lengths. Once trimming is performed the panel is ready for installation on the seam roof shilling. Elements need to be installed in the roof valley and ridge cap to facilitate sealing that is water-tight. The vertical sectioning, ridge caps as well as roof valley all contribute to ensuring rain and sun resistance. The best way to guarantee that the standing seam metal roofing is resistant to the elements and water is by proper installation techniques.

Scott Savely is owner of Barton Roofing and an Austin Texas roofing [http://www.bartonroofing.com] expert. Scott has a degree chemical engineering making him uniquely qualified for all types of roofing jobs. From residential roofing to commercial roofing, from asphalt roofing to metal roofing, Scott is well versed in all types of roofing and the perfect choice for an Austin roofing contractor [http://www.bartonroofing.com].

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Scott_Savely

Benefits of Metal Roofs – Cost Efficiency of Installing Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing seam metal roofing is the best and most economical metal roofing solution for your home or building. It offers several benefits at an economical price tag. A standing seam metal roof should last as long as the lifetime of the building or house. It is extremely durable and tough and is quite able to handle all kinds of weather conditions as well. But, that’s not all, it is also very attractive and trendy that gives your house an extra special appeal.

The combination of an affordable price tag, appealing look and durability makes it very popular among homeowners around the world. The best part is the fact that installing standing seam roofing is relatively easy and takes only a couple of days. Since the procedure can get a little involved for a do-it-yourselfer, it may be advisable to hire professionals who will provide you with the best results and service.

Although it might be a little expensive upfront, you need not worry about further maintenance as metal roofing requires very little care. However, if you do not feel the need to hire any kind of professional help, you can consider doing it yourself at saving on the cost. There are many helpful manuals on the internet which can provide you with proper information about diy standing seam roofing. Installing a standing seam roof can be tricky but if you have the right information you should be able to do a quality work job.

Another feature that metal roofing provides is that the roofing can be customized to suit the requirements of the building which makes it look even better. standing seam roofing is one of the best options for anyone thinking of installing a new roof or planning to re-roof.

Here is why you should opt for installing a standing seam metal roof:

· Tough

· Durable

· Resistant to rust and corrosion

· Fire-resistant

· Fully customizable

· Easy installation

· Economical

standing seam roofing can be easy on your wallet. Metal roofing requires light supporting structure because metal roofing materials are extremely light. This way you can re-roof without needing to tear-off the existing roof helping you to cut down costs.

Although metal roofing can get a little more expensive than other alternatives available on the market, there are many ways by which you can slash your bills by a considerable amount. You can always make use of the many discount sales which take place from time to time. This way you would be able to get materials at low and reduced prices that should comfortably fit your specific budget. But apart from the initial cost, you can be rest assured that you shall be making great savings as the years go by, when you use metal roofing since it offers many long-term benefits.

Not only is it a great long term investment but it is also extremely energy efficient which can help you bring down your energy bills. Remember that standing seam metal roofing shall last for decades to come; therefore it offers great value for your money!

Learn more about the benefits of investing in a durable Standing Seam Metal Roof Today’s Metal Roofs can be customized to suit any style.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ryan_McCall

Metal Roofing – Oil Canning Explained

The waves that are sometimes visible in architectural metal roofs are the result of what the industry refers to as “oil canning.” As metal is formed and worked, both during the panel forming process as well as by the installers on-site, stress is introduced and can sometimes appear as waves along the surface of the panel.

Steel, copper, aluminum and other metals have been in use as roofing materials for hundreds of years and oil canning has been present throughout. Modern manufacturing techniques have made significant advances towards reducing and often eliminating surface wave, however it remains a part of most metal roofing projects to one degree or another. Panels installed in areas where there is a higher degree of stress, such as curved roof sections or over uneven roof surfaces, are more susceptible to the visible effects of oil canning.

In almost all cases, the product literature from the major manufacturers and installers of metal roofing in North America openly discusses this issue and the fact that it is part of having a standing seam roof installed. Certainly, different panel models and different roof configurations will produce varying degrees of oil canning, however even perfectly straight and flat roof sections can show signs of it.

Metal contracts and expands along both its width and its length with changes in temperature. These changes in thermal expansion and contraction will have an effect on oil canning in that certain conditions will minimize it while others will make it more evident. The reality is that it is a part of the character of a metal roof.

If you look at a wide range of standing seam roofs you will see that they frequently have a certain amount of oil canning. It is not a cause for rejection and does not reduce the effectiveness or weather-tightness of the roof. When selecting a standing seam model for your new roofing project, I recommend choosing a model that has stiffening ribs or striations along the length of the panel as this will greatly reduce or eliminate oil canning as seen by the naked eye.

David Mackey is a professional metal roofer by trade with 10,000+ hours of installation experience and President of Mackey Metal Roofing Inc. which operates North America’s first 100% ecommerce platform for metal roofing panel accessible to the public. Contractors, building owners, home owners and architects visiting http://www.mackeymetalroofing.com can purchase panel, trim and accessories, as well as industry related products and tools such as paint, snow guards and power tools. Additionally, visitors can access MMR’s library of industry related resources to assist them in making their roofing project a success. MMR was founded in 1999.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=David_S_Mackey

Consider the Climate Before You Choose Your Roof

The climate should be your number one concern when you are looking for a new roof. Of course money is often the first issue, but this shouldn’t be the determining factor in which material that you choose for your roof. Certain material will last longer and be more efficient than others. For example if you live in Phoenix you know that asphalt probably wouldn’t be the best choice. Although it is the cheapest choice you will most likely be replacing the roof that you spend thousands to have installed in a few short years. A better choice would be a standing seam metal roof.

Metal is back and making its presence known. The reason for this is for a variety of reason. Firstly you have many choices of styles, colors and designs. But the more beneficial reasons is for it’s durability in any climate whether the powerful Las Vegas, Nevada sun or the below freezing temperatures of New England. The main downside to this type of material is that it’s not really something that the average person is going to be able to install on their own. You can find it in prefabricated material, but this is better left to the professionals.

You can look online to see the various options that you have with metal roofing shingles or sheets. It would be in your best interest to at least take a closer look at this. There are honestly many options. Unfortunately this is not the cheapest type of roofing that you can have installed. Although, the many great benefits of paying the extra money for it certainly outweighs the downsides of it. Metal roofs can actually save you money on your energy bill, and they will probably out last your home.

When you are looking at the various options that you have in roofing material some of the most important things to consider is going to be the durability, maintenance, warranty, energy-efficiency, life span, climate and fire resistance. You can make a list of these things, and put them next to the materials that you are interested in and check off which of those listed factors that it offers you. This will help you to choose based on the most important things, which in return will guide you into choosing a roof that will outlive your home therefore saving you a ton of money.

For more information about standing seam metal roofing check out the official site of Modern Home Roofing at http://www.modernhome-roofing.com/

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Robin_Darch