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Standing Seam Roofs

It might be hard to believe, but roofing is definitely a competitive industry due to the technological development of the past few decades. Building requirements are becoming higher and higher, weather conditions are more and more extreme every time, meanwhile people have growing general expectations. Consequently, professionals are facing a great challenge to satisfy customers’ needs, especially in the construction industry.

standing seam roofs prove to be amongst the best options to suit – and further exceed – these high expectations. The advantages of these roofs beat any conventional construction techniques. Now let’s have a general overview of these benefits.

One of the most important advantages is that these roofs are weatherproof, which means that they withstand extreme weather conditions, such as excess sunlight, precipitation, snow and wind. They prove to be efficient in managing the so called thermal shock, as metal expands and contracts as temperature changes. The clip system together with the interlocked and seamed metal panels can impede leakage and wind uplift.

Durability is another major issue in roofing. Alike metal buildings, metal standing seam roofs can be easily set up and are basically maintenance-free for some 20 years. standing seam roofs are also lightweight, which contributes to the easy installation or future replacement of the roof. Installation can be even quicker, because standing seam roofs can be laid on the original roof, so it is not necessary to remove the previous layer.

Metal sheets can be coated with a layer of the alloy of aluminum and zinc, which can further enhance its durability and resist corrosion. Besides, the protective layer can also make your building look better!

Unlike traditional roofs, metal roofs not only withstand extreme heat, but are also resistant to fire as they meet the highest standards. In case of fire or combustion, metal roofs can contain the further expansion of fire, therefore reducing possible damages.

As standing seam roofs do not require special maintenance and they come with at least 20 years warranty, metal roofs prove to be way more cost-effective then conventional roofing options, like single-ply and built-up systems.

And last but not least, standing seam roof systems are environment friendly as the metal sheets are processed from recycled materials. Besides, once you decide to get rid of your roof, it can be further recycled many times. Recycling is definitely a current issue in today’s world where tiny and conscious steps can contribute to make our planet a little greener.

Standing seam roof is a great option for either steep or flat profiles due to its flexibility. The metal seam roof system is primarily designed for industrial or commercial buildings’ traditional roofs, but it is also suitable for more complex roofs.

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Why a Standing Seam Metal Roof is Your Home’s Best Protection

Ever heard a builder say ‘water always wins’? Well, that was before the standing seam metal roof came on the scene. Metal roofing is your best protection against rain, wind, fire and rot. And for an affordable roofing material that is both durable and energy-efficient, standing seam metal roofing is your most cost effective option. It will last you at least 50 years, and requires little to no maintenance.

What is a standing seam metal roof?
A standing seam metal roof has metal panels that run vertically. Each panel has two seams that stand up vertically (hence the name). These seams are crimped together, which seals the joint and also prevents water and moisture from collecting on the surface and causing a leak.

You install these panels by attaching them from underneath with clips. The clips allow the metal to contract and expand according to the temperatures outdoors.

Why metal roofing?
In short, because they are the most durable material for roofs available. Because they last so long, they are much cheaper in the long run than other roofing materials, and easily last longer than their warranties. A typical warranty on a metal roof is 50 years, and many of these roofs have been standing guard over homes and buildings for well over a century with no problems.

How do they look?
Metal roofs used to be thought of as…well, ugly. They were bright, shiny and stood out like a sore thumb. At on point, they were thought of as barnyard roofs only.

Now, however, manufacturers have created several finishes that look much better with today’s exterior home designs. You can get almost any color you want, and choose from a variety of finishes if you want to avoid that high-gloss glare. In fact, you can get metal roofing that looks like other types of roof material, such as cedar shakes or asphalt shingles. You can even get distressed-look metal roofs, which have an irregular pattern that works well in hail-prone areas as it won;t show any dents or dings.

How about value?
Metal roofing, because it is so durable, actually adds value to your home…almost $1.50 per square foot. And many insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners with metal roofs because they are pretty much damage proof when properly installed.

They also add value because of their energy efficiency. Did you know they can actually reduce your cooling costs in the summer? This is because they reflect the sun’s rays and block the transmission of heat. Some even have enhanced reflective coatings, to further improve the reflective abilities.

All metal roofs offer these benefits, but standing seam metal roofing offers them plus a lower cost for purchase and installation. And the best thing is, they can be installed over existing asphalt shingles…no need for a tear-off! So if you want a low cost, durable, efficient roof that will last longer than you own your home, standing seam metal roofs are the no-brainer way to go.

Read more about durable Standing seam metal roofs and how they benefit you at http://www.durablemetalroofs.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ryan_McCall

The Advantages of a Standing Seam Metal Roof

You already know that the quality of your roof is vital for maintaining the integrity of your home and protecting it from the elements. If you want to safeguard your home against rain, wind, fire and rot, you should consider installing a standing seam metal roof. Not only are they the most durable roofs around, they require little maintenance, offer energy-efficient benefits, and last you as long (or longer) than you own your home.


A standing seam roof is comprised of vertical metal panels, each with two seams that stand up vertically. Crimping these seams together seals the joint, and keeps moisture and water from collecting on the surface of your roof and leaking in.

These roofs are easily installed. You simply attach them together from underneath with clips. These clips let the metal contract and expand naturally according to the weather.


Metal is your most durable choice for roofing materials. They last a very long time, with the average warranty being 50 years. If you’ve ever seen an old building, such as a church, with a green roof, then you’ve seen how long a metal roof can last… in this case copper, which has been used for centuries because of its long lifespan. Steel, aluminum, and even tin also offer the same types of benefits.

Because of their durability, metal roofs offer a significant cost savings over the long term. They require little to no maintenance, and stand up to inclement weather with ease. Of course, they also offer more protection than standard shingles, as they will not catch fire or collapse due to heavy snowfall.


Metal roofs have come a long way since the old ‘tin barn roof’ days. manufacturers have realized that homeowners value aesthetics as well as protection, and as such you can find metal roofing materials in all sorts of finishes and colors.

You can also find metal roofing that looks like other materials, such as cedar shakes or asphalt. Distressed-look metal roofs have an irregular pattern that not only adds design value, but keeps the roof from showing dents and dings… a plus if you live in an area prone to hail storms.

Overall Value

Because they are so durable, metal roofs actually add value to your home…almost $1.50 per square foot. And because they are pretty much damage proof when properly installed, your insurance company may offer you a discount on your home coverage.

They also add value because they are very energy efficient. Installing metal roofing can actually reduce your cooling costs in the summer, because they reflect the sun’s rays and block the transmission of heat. Some even have advanced reflective coating, which improves the reflectivity and energy savings.

While all types of metal roofs have these benefits, a standing seam metal roof has a lower ticket price, plus a lower cost for installation. What’s more, you can easily install them over your existing asphalt shingles, which further reduces your installation costs. Standing seam metal roofs are you best choice for durability, style, efficiency and value.

Read more about how a Standing seam metal roof may benefit you at http://www.durablemetalroofs.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ryan_McCall

Economy and Durability Make Standing Seam Metal Roofing a Hot Pick

Standing seam metal roofing is fast becoming a hot favorite among home and business owners alike. Of all your home requirements, the roof is the one that requires maximum protection. Your choice of material should factor in where you live and the type of weather that is usually prevalent in the area. But they should also look nice and attractive and blend with the architecture as well. Not only is the seam metal more durable, it is environment friendly as well.

More life span and easy to install

Low maintenance is primary on the minds of buyers where they go for roof shopping and don’t want to be bothered after the installation process is complete. While other types of materials have a life span of 10 to 15 years, you can experience much more life span with standing seam metal roofing. After the initial choices, you can home in to the right material which could also be steel as it can stand alone and also match the exterior as well.

It only takes a couple of days to install standing seam metal roofing. If you can’t DIY, your best bet would be to hire a professional contractor who can do the job technically better and professionally. While installing the panels, you should take care that water does not collect, but comes down on the roof without any problem. And leakages could be avoided with seam metal stuff for your roof. You can get it custom made according to your preferences depending on the type of building you will be installing on.

Suitable for all climatic conditions

Popularity has surged in Cleveland like all other places coast to coast primarily because of its flexibility. It is a sort of one-size-fits-all as you can use it in any type of climate. It could be used anywhere in Dakotas or in sunny New Mexico. Extremities of weather conditions also make the seam metal a preferred option. By deflecting solar power you can save loads in energy bills as well. Cooling and heating costs are generally low for using these types of material for your home.

For metal roofing of your home, the standing seam is an excellent choice as it is tough, durable and cheaper than all the other alternatives. There are several colors you can pick or customize according to your choice and preference and they are also very eye-catching. Before starting off with the project, it is best to consult your contractor. Appealing appearance and toughness makes the standing seam metal roofing a great option.

Looking to find the best deal on residential metal roofing [http://www.theroofing.net], then visit [http://www.theroofing.net] to find the best advice on standing seam metal roofing for you.

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A Standing Seam Metal Roof Shows That You Want Quality Materials

Some of the newest innovations to roofing come in metal. For several years commercial buildings have used standing seam metal roofs and found them not only acceptable but also often superior to the traditional roofing materials. Homeowners are now looking at a standing seam metal roof as a viable alternative for their home. There are good reasons why they should consider this type of roofing.

There are many different benefits for a standing seam metal roof. First these types of roofs are actually more durable than most types of roofs. The system used in this type of roof is a sliding clip assembly. The base of the assembly is rigid but the clip that fits over the seam allows for movement in all directions. This prevents thermal shock when temperatures change.

The ease of installation is another good reason to use a standing seam metal roof. The metal roof doesn’t require the warmth of spring or summer for installation. However, just like other types of roofing, it doesn’t work well when you have weather extremes like high winds, extremely cold weather or heavy rain. This has nothing to do with the material but is more for the safety of the worker.

Most of these metal roofs don’t require the installer to remove the old roof area. These types of roofs go right over the roofing already in existence. This is a real time and money saving feature when you’re reroofing an area. There’s no need to tent or close off the building area.

The panels for this type of roofing are relatively lightweight compared to other traditional roofing materials. The lighter weight helps reduce the stress on the building and underlying structure. Most of these systems are only one third of the weight of the traditional asphalt roof.

The standing seam metal roof offers 20 years or more of maintenance free roofing. Most of these roofs require little upkeep and often no maintenance time during that period. The roofs are far more effective at eliminating leaks and other problems. They don’t rot, crack, split or burn. The metal provides a great deal of strength.

These roofs are weather tight. Many of the factories provide sealants to the seam while forming the panels. When the installers put the panels in place, they have field-seaming machines that complete the seal. The clip system, as mentioned before not only allows the roof to expand and contract with changing weather but also prevents the exposure to the elements of the fasteners.

These types of roofs have a high rating for resistance to fire. They also have a high wind rating. These two ratings can help lower the cost of insurance coverage for your home or business. This means another savings for you each and every year.

The metal roofing system is not only energy efficient, it is also 100 percent recyclable. This means the standing seam metal roof is the perfect choice for those that want their home or business to be green and environmentally friendly. Many of the materials actually come from recycled material too.

There are a number of designs and colors from which to select. You’ll find that the value of your home increases dramatically if you have a metal roof. Because of the reliability of these types of systems and the longevity, people know that homes and businesses that have a standing seam metal roof, also insist on quality in other types areas of the building.

Learn more about Standing seam metal roofs at http://www.toproofingsite.com.

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Learn All About Metal Roofing Materials

People have been using metal roofing materials for generations all around the world. As it is a durable and strong roof needing little maintenance and care it has always been popular. They are sturdy enough to resist the worst types of weather conditions. Even age does not wither the material much. As science of metallurgy has progressed and new technologies have come in the these roofs have only improved and become more effective.

The higher initial cost of metal roofing materials are surely a disadvantage. In contrast asphalt roofs are much cheaper to buy and much cheaper to install. These are expensive on both counts. Comparing different roofs with the several long-term advantages that metal ones have will in fact make it very clear that that they cost cheaper in the long run. Many home-owners and businesses are opting for them seeing how beneficial they are.

There are in fact several different types of metal roofing materials. These types have several features which set them apart. It is possible to treat the metal surfaces differently to get different types of colors, textures and also alter its mechanical properties in order to make it less prone to corrosion and tougher. They can be made fire and water proof too.

Aesthetically speaking, the wide range and choices on offer in them gives the home a distinction of its own, setting it apart from its peers and also bestows lots of real-world benefits. The prices differ depend on your location and any particular type of roof you wish to install. The different kinds of metal roof treatments cause these differences. As no two them can be ever same, the comparison of costs is not fair. Research and understand these roofs better and you will appreciate metal roofing materials that much more.

Types Of metal roofing materials

Galvanized steel, aluminum shingles and copper shingles are some of them on offer. While galvanized steel and aluminum are less expensive, copper is the most expensive of them. These roofs can last from 30 years to 100 years if properly treated and designed for the local area you live in. They are aesthetically pleasing and allow you a choice of different styles and finishes to match any structure or home design. New design techniques like the 4-way interlocking mechanism make them wind-resistant and also to all types of weather conditions.

The unique design in metal roofs called standing seam metal roofs are very popular. The sheets of aluminum panels are with the prominent seam give them a stand-out design. The roofs are made in such way that ice does not slip-off in cold weather. The snow guard prevents ice-slippage and it also prevents accumulation of snow drifts. But, the cost is also very high.

Another option that is less expensive is the corrugated metal roof. They are extensively used in industries, warehouses and farm houses. The corrugated roofs have this undulating surface with thin gauge and shaped like letter “U”. The corrugated ones are strong and stylish to be used in residents.

Compare metal roofing materials

Cost of these materials generally refer to cost of roof alone. The cost of installing and other labor expenses are not included. These roofs are almost akin to custom made roofs. No two metal roofs are the same. Hence, homeowners are advised to bear in mind that clay tiles and slate roofs cost more for installation than metal based roofs. But, asphalt shingles installation is much lower than that for metal.

Booker C, an expert in roofing industry has written articles to help lay persons understand the different roofing options available. For the detailed article on metal roofing materials. Click here. His articles are featured on Roof Shingles Price and other websites.

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Benefits of Getting a Standing Seam Metal Roof

A standing seam metal roof is a kind of roofing system that is made of vertical metal panels that stand up vertically. These are crimped together to seal the joint, preventing moisture from leaking into your home.

There are several reasons why getting a standing seam metal roof is preferable to other kinds of roofing system. First, these are very durable and low-maintenance. Other metals used for roofing have a limited lifespan, eventually needing to be replaced because of damage due to wear and tear. A standing seam metal roof can last for at least fifty years and do not even need maintenance in order to keep their good quality. Standing seam metal is also very resistant to the elements and has high wind rating. These also repel and reflect the sun’s rays so that the home is cool even during the summer. These are even highly resistant to fire, so these are very good investments to make if you want to protect your home from damage.

This roof system is also very easy to install. All you have to do is to attach these together using clips from underneath. The clips will allow the metal contract and expand by itself depending on the weather conditions. Because of the ease of installation, you can even set these up in all sorts of weather, although of course, it’s not really recommended for you to put these up when there are strong winds for your own safety. Instead of doing it yourself, you can go out and find professional metal roofing contractors to give you bids for your project. They can recommend particular manufacturers of metal roof panels and of course show you the different roofing colors to match your existing design.

For the environmentally-aware people out there, you’ll be glad to know that the roof is not only energy-efficient, it is also 100% recyclable as well, making these a great choice for those who want to keep a green home.

Lastly, a standing seam metal roof is very attractive. Unlike old metal roofs that are ugly and create an eyesore, these types of roofing systems come in all colors and finishes, allowing consumers to buy which ones they like that will fit the existing appearance of their homes.

What’s great about this is that these actually add value to your home, with even some insurance companies offering discounts to their clients because the roofing system is very resistant to wear and tear. Given all of these advantages, standing seam metal roof is a definitely a great choice for you if you’re looking for a roofing system to install in your own home.

Looking for a standing seam metal roof?

Go get information at http://metalbuildingsforsale.org

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jim_P_Moser

Metal Roofs – Installing Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is rapidly becoming a popular alternative to the asphalt or tiled roofs due to their durability and weight. They are available for very large areas and usually come with a guarantee covering 25 to 50 years.

When buildings are being planned, it’s a good idea to contact a metal roofing contractor to get estimates and a timescale of when the roof will be available. This form of roof is sometimes made-to-order and is custom made as one piece. Local contractors will be a good source of information with regard to building regulations and should give you quite a few different options.

Does the roof pass all current local building regulations? Which type of metal will be used? Aluminum roofing will last in excess of 50 years but is also more expensive. What coatings are available for the roof? Ceramic coatings are great for reflecting heat – important if major heat buildup could cause problems between the roof and internal ceiling. In cold climates, does the roof come with good insulation needed for the area of installation? What kind of maintenance is required? The more expensive roof options should need very little, if any maintenance throughout its lifetime.

By contacting a roofing contractor at the early stages of planning might give you extra freedom to consider designs that you might not have contemplated with traditional roofing. Custom made roofing allows you to create bolder, more unique designs adding substantially to the overall look of the new building.

Standing seam metal roofing allows a little more flexibility in that it can be roll-formed actually on the site in limitless lengths. These roofs are very versatile that can be used on pitched, curved or even flat roofs. This type of roofing can come in aluminum which gives extra flexibility when fitting and comes with the different climate options for the location. Other metal types are available which may be more suitable depending on the load the roof can support. The metal roofing contractor will have the necessary experience to guide any buyer to the best option.

After the roof design and material has been decided, give some thought to the type of eave overhang you require. The overall design of the roof will be the deciding factor as to how much eave is required, but you should choose a color and material to blend in with the overall design. The fascias are attached underneath the overhang giving protection to the structure of the roof, and keeping the elements out of the roof space. Most designs will also allow ventilation into the structure so that sufficient air can circulate around the top of the structures wall.

The final factor to think about at the design is the rainwater system that you’ll need. Downpipes for rainwater can either be incorporated into the wall structure or external downpipes. A good quality system should at least equal the main roof’s construction so as to give many years maintenance free usage. Rainwater collection systems are also available to help metered water usage. These systems pump rainwater into a concealed tank that can be used for many non-drinking purposes in the home. While these systems can add to the overall costs, they do save money in the long term.

Metal roofing has come a long way over recent years, and with care and advice, can enhance the overall look of either a new build or existing home.

To learn more about how Metal Roofing may benefit you and your home visit DurableMetalRoofs.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ryan_McCall

Standing Seam Metal Roofs

The standing seam metal roof is a favored roofing option in many parts of the country both for its elegance and functionality. The elegant seams add dimension to the flat roofs make these roofs an instant favorite in many parts of the country and the world. If you live in the cold parts where there is ice and snow, a metal roof is much favored as it easily sheds both. A small change in temperature melts the layer in contact with the it and causes the whole pile of snow or ice to slide down the roof. No problems about shoveling all that stuff in the freezing cold.

These roofs are also very attractive. They come in a variety of shades, colors and hues. Makers of metallic roofs will offer a color palette for you to choose from. You can also go with the bare metallic colors of the metal for your roofs which are also very attractive. Copper, Zinc, Aluminum and stainless steel are the metals most used. Aluminum is rarely used as it is. It is coated with different paints. Steel is also coated with other alloys to prevent corrosion.

Care should be taken to prevent the use of incompatible metals or materials. Metals corrode easily and use of incompatible paints or materials can cause rapid corrosion and destruction of the roofs. If these simple points are kept in mind then a standing seam metal roof will last several decades longer than asphalt shingles. These shingles are cheaper and are much preferred roofing option because of their low-cost. But, the rise in oil prices has actually caused their prices of asphalt shingles to rise sharply. Petroleum is a major component of the asphalt shingles.

Metals have several advantages. Asphalt shingles last 10-15 years and in corrosive environments they last even shorter. In contrast a standing seam metal roof has a minimum life of 50 years. Some of them are known to last for more than a 100 years. Metal roofs need no maintenance. They are attractive apart from being durable. They are available in wide range of colors and also in different patterns like wood shakes. People have actually mistaken these roofs for genuine wooden roofs because of the texture and pattern.

If you compare the prices long-term you will realize that standing seam metal roofs are actually several times cheaper and there is no headache of replacing the roofing shingles every 15 years. They are easy to lay and 98 percent recyclable, so when it comes for replacement the metal will be hauled away for getting recycled into another roof. So, not much damage to environment comes in disposal of metal roofs.

Jane Sawyer is a home improvement expert. She has written about standing seam metal roof on her website at http://www.standingseammetalroofingprices.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jane_M_Sawyer

Standing-Seam Metal Roofing: It’s Not Just for Commercial Barns and Industrial Buildings Anymore

Forget those typical asphalt shingles. For the latest advance in residential roofing, check out the strength and performance of a sheet metal roof in colors and finishes to raise your curb appeal.

With the arrival of warmer weather–and perhaps a nice fat tax return–spring is the perfect time to get outside and get to work on your exterior home maintenance projects. If replacing an aging, leaky roof is on your list this year, then do yourself a favor and visit your nearest home remodeling contractor to learn about the substantial benefits of modern metal roofing.

Unlike conventional asphalt shingles that deteriorate over time and need to be replaced every 17 years or so, today’s heavy-duty metal options are made of steel and built to last a lifetime of 50 years or longer. So choosing to install a metal roof now could easily mean never having to turn around and replace your roof again. If only every home maintenance repair could be paid for once and done!

Metal roofing achieves its exceptional durability and weather resistance by creating “standing seams” between the panels that lock out any intruding traces of water. The long, lightweight steel panels are overlapped and coupled from ridge to eaves to create these innovative joins. Not only does this ensure outstanding protection from Mother Nature in even the harshest of climates, but it eliminates the time-consuming process of having to nail down separate shingles, resulting in quick and smooth installation with very little disruption to your home and life.

Every bit as visually striking as it is strong, standing-seam roofing comes in a beautiful array of colors and finishes to match virtually any architectural style. So whatever type of home you reside in, you can find a shade and variety of this high-performance roofing material to complement your structure’s existing style. Just ask your local remodeling contractor to help you select the residential metal roofing that’s right for you.

And while you’re there, be sure to find out about the Energy Star Federal Tax Credits available with the installation of some types of metal materials. Because this roofing reflects the heat of the sun, these energy-efficient roofs reduce solar heat gain to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. What’s more, with standing-seam roofing, you’ll never have to worry about heavy snow loads. While other homeowners are risking life and limb to shovel off their roofs, you’ll be safe and warm inside knowing that any accumulation of snow will slide right off your sheet metal roof.

So celebrate the arrival of spring with a gorgeous new metal roof for your home’s exterior. With popularity soaring in the residential market, standing-seam roofing is one super durable and attractive option you don’t want to miss.

A senior Internet marketer at Prospect Genius, Penny Jones writes about home improvement issues and affordable lead generation for local businesses.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Penny_Q_Jones