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Facts About Standing Seam Roofing Tools

Putting on a standing seam roof can be a chore unless the proper equipment is used. Making sure that you have appropriate standing seam roofing tools is the first thing you need to do before starting your project. In order to achieve the state-of-the art roof that you want, you need to make absolutely certain that you are well prepared. There are many manufacturers throughout the United States that offer excellent roofing tools at competitive prices. Shop around and ask questions before purchasing any of the tools you’ll need for this major project you are undertaking.

There are specialized tools that will help meet your slope requirements, retrofitting and equipment needs. You will be able to find just the right metal panels, clips, fasteners and flashing by asking questions and providing accurate information. You also will be able to select from many different types of materials including galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, zinc and stainless steel. All of these materials, of course, vary in price. That it why it is so important to compare prices among manufacturers so that you get the best deal you can.

Some of the things you will need to complete your roofing project are roofing paper, exterior paint, a crimping tool, clips, fasteners, gloves, standing seam roofing panels, a hammer, and cutters. Once you have laid each panel lengthwise on your roof, you will use clips to attach it to the sheathing below. Your crimping tool will come in handy as you crimp each panel edge together. This crimping process keeps a watertight seal between the panels on your roof. Once your roof is completely installed, then all you have to do is paint it whatever color you choose.

Standing seam metal roofs are becoming more and more popular on residential homes. If they are installed correctly using recommended standing seam roofing tools, they will last a lifetime and be pretty much maintenance free. They are also fire resistant which is why they are often found in geographic areas that are prone to forest fires.

Matt writes more about standing seam roofing tools at http://www.roofing-tools-info.info/standingseamroofingtools.html

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The Durability of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

The job of your roof.

The roof is the one part of the house that takes the most damage when protecting us from the elements. It has to cope with extreme conditions ranging from wintry ice to summer sun and often it can face both extremes at the same time. Many substances simply can not withstand this diverse a range of abuse meaning it is very important to select strong roofing made from a durable and resistant material that will withstand just about anything. Advances in technology have seen various new forms of roofing as well as advances in old techniques and reduces in cost, so the options available when selecting good roofing are wide.

Maintenance of your roof.

For all of the work that a roof does you would expect that it would be a part of housing and home maintenance that people took very seriously, but unfortunately it is a factor that is often overlooked until the worst happens. Many people do not maintain their roof or even have it checked on a regular basis but prevention is a much better option than cure. By having regular checks on your roof you can prevent costly repairs when things go wrong.

Traditional roofing material compared to standing seam roofing.

Asphalt and modified bitumen have previously been the most common choice when it comes to selecting a material for your roof, however in more recent years standing seam metal roofing has increased in popularity as it has decreased in cost and it’s durability, protection and flexibility have increased. Standing seam metal roofing has much to offer; it is fire resistant, weather resistant, can be easily formed to fit your roof and has become even easier to install. In fact, standing seam metal roofing meets the very highest of standards when it comes to fire resistance and wind and hail resistance.

The life of your standing seam roofing.

Standing seam metal roofing is very unlikely to rot, mould, split or crack. For this reason a standing seam metal roofing system means you can enjoy a long life from your roof with comparably low maintenance costs. It is also usually created from recycled products and is fully recyclable itself so it is a sustainable choice for the ecologically minded amongst you. The options are virtually limitless if you decide on standing seam metal roofing, and not least because of the numerous metals that are on offer. Copper, aluminum, galvanized or stainless steel and a range of other metals are commonly used and each has their own look, feel and uses.

Standing seam metal roofing – the environmental roof.

Standing seam metal roofing offers a life of 50 years or more making it much longer lasting than other traditional methods employed in many houses. It is usually made up of 50% recycled material and 100% of your standing seam metal roofing will be recycled in the event that it does eventually need replacing. Conversely, asphalt requires a huge amount of oil every year to create shingles that last an average of 15 years. At the end of their life they are then disposed of in landfill sites wasting yet more of the world’s resources. Standing seam metal roofing also means you will use less energy, conserving yet more resources and lowering your summer energy bills. Standing seam metal roofing reflects approximately 70% of the sun’s rays meaning you will spend a lot less keeping your air conditioning unit running.

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Steven_Briesemeister

Standing-Seam Metal Roofing: It’s Not Just for Commercial Barns and Industrial Buildings Anymore

Forget those typical asphalt shingles. For the latest advance in residential roofing, check out the strength and performance of a sheet metal roof in colors and finishes to raise your curb appeal.

With the arrival of warmer weather–and perhaps a nice fat tax return–spring is the perfect time to get outside and get to work on your exterior home maintenance projects. If replacing an aging, leaky roof is on your list this year, then do yourself a favor and visit your nearest home remodeling contractor to learn about the substantial benefits of modern metal roofing.

Unlike conventional asphalt shingles that deteriorate over time and need to be replaced every 17 years or so, today’s heavy-duty metal options are made of steel and built to last a lifetime of 50 years or longer. So choosing to install a metal roof now could easily mean never having to turn around and replace your roof again. If only every home maintenance repair could be paid for once and done!

Metal roofing achieves its exceptional durability and weather resistance by creating “standing seams” between the panels that lock out any intruding traces of water. The long, lightweight steel panels are overlapped and coupled from ridge to eaves to create these innovative joins. Not only does this ensure outstanding protection from Mother Nature in even the harshest of climates, but it eliminates the time-consuming process of having to nail down separate shingles, resulting in quick and smooth installation with very little disruption to your home and life.

Every bit as visually striking as it is strong, standing-seam roofing comes in a beautiful array of colors and finishes to match virtually any architectural style. So whatever type of home you reside in, you can find a shade and variety of this high-performance roofing material to complement your structure’s existing style. Just ask your local remodeling contractor to help you select the residential metal roofing that’s right for you.

And while you’re there, be sure to find out about the Energy Star Federal Tax Credits available with the installation of some types of metal materials. Because this roofing reflects the heat of the sun, these energy-efficient roofs reduce solar heat gain to keep your home cool and comfortable during the hot summer months. What’s more, with standing-seam roofing, you’ll never have to worry about heavy snow loads. While other homeowners are risking life and limb to shovel off their roofs, you’ll be safe and warm inside knowing that any accumulation of snow will slide right off your sheet metal roof.

So celebrate the arrival of spring with a gorgeous new metal roof for your home’s exterior. With popularity soaring in the residential market, standing-seam roofing is one super durable and attractive option you don’t want to miss.

A senior Internet marketer at Prospect Genius, Penny Jones writes about home improvement issues and affordable lead generation for local businesses.

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Installing Standing Seam Roofing – Choosing Metal Roofing Finishes

New Standing Seam Metal Roof

New Standing Seam Metal Roof

When deciding on installing standing seam roofing, it is not only practical aspects of the job, such as learning how to install a metal roof, or more about residential metal roofing applications that are a factor. Aesthetics and the visual appeal of the roof with your house are also very important.

Not only do roofing finishes affect the aesthetics, but depending on the coating or material you choose when installing your metal roof, you will either get more or less years of service from it. Here are a few finish options explained.


If installing standing seam roofing with a galvanized finish, you are choosing a mild steel substrate, with an electro-galvanized finish. This means that the sheeting is coated with a thin layer of zinc, which is bonded to the sheeting.

Suitable for installing standing seam or other metal roof sheeting that is not near the coast, this option does not hold up well under marine or industrial conditions, so avoid it if you live near the sea, or in an urban area with a lot of pollution!


Similar to galvanized sheeting, zincalume coating is a mixture of zinc and aluminum, bonded to a mild steel substrate. This type of coating holds up much better under tough marine and industrial conditions, and many manufacturers offer a longer warranty on the sheeting.


Aluminum sheeting is much more costly, but since it is non-ferrous, rust is not a problem. For residential roofing applications where a very long lifespan is a requirement, or even commercial or industrial application this is an ideal choice, if you can afford it.

Other Metals

Some sheeting manufacturers will be prepared to roll special orders, based on larger quantities, in metals such as copper. The cost is usually higher, but these other metals can create a unique visual appeal, and may offer superior corrosion resistance. Check with your supplier whether they offer any unique metals.

Color Coatings

While you can opt for a plain galvanized, zincalume or aluminum sheeting, you may decide, when installing standing seam sheeting or other metal roofing, to opt for pre coated options.

These coatings are bonded to the coated base metal using a heat process, similar to powder coating. Metal roof colors vary from supplier to supplier, but there are a large variety. In addition to offering a better aesthetic, these metal roof colors are usually guaranteed for some time, providing the metal roof installation instructions of the manufacturer are followed.

Instead of, therefore, having to paint your roof, if you desire a color finish, every few years, you may get ten to fifteen years of trouble free, color coated service.

When installing standing seam roofing, or other roof sheeting, and choosing a finish option, it is worthwhile to consult the manufacturers or a roofing professional, to find out how to install a metal roof properly, and pick up some metal roof installation tips. Getting it wrong can void a guarantee – so exercise caution!

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Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Ryan_McCall

Standing Seam Roofing – Taking Metal Roofing To Another Level

New Standing Seam Metal Roof

New Standing Seam Metal Roof

People might think of the roofing industry as a boring field, but it is actually a dynamic trade that has been around for quite a time. With the great advancements in roofing technology coupled with a wide array of choices, there is actually more to roofing than meets the eye. One of the great breakthroughs that make roofing exciting is the emergence of standing seam roofing.

Standing seam roofing is considered to be among the most important breakthroughs for the roofing industry within the past two decades. It is highly recommended for builders who need a durable protection that is puncture-resistant and strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The Benefits of Standing Seam Roofing

What people like most about standing seam roofing is its durability. With the revolutionary sliding and concealed clip system, this type of roof can manage thermal shock. The clip system lets equivalent amounts of force to be diffused in two directions, allowing for better shock absorption. This is made possible through rigid base upon which the clips are attached to the structural members of the building. The roof panel is clipped to the upper pat to form a seam.

standing seam roofs are also lightweight. A square foot of panel weighs merely from 1 to 1.5 pounds. This contributes to the roof’s ease in installation. They can practically be installed any time of the year. standing seam roofs can easily be installed over an existing roof, eliminating the need to tear the previous layer off.

Standing seam roofing is also quite easy to maintain. The roof may perform problem-free for at least 20 years with minimal or no maintenance measures. This is so much better compared to other roofing options such as built-up roofs, which need to be maintained frequently.

Standing seam roofing is also weatherproof. It can withstand win, rain, and even snow because of the weather-tight seam that join panels together. Sealants may even be applied to these seams to further increase its protective properties. When properly installed, the roof can withstand high wind conditions, passing standards as high as UL 580 for wind uplift, as well as ratings as high as ASTM E-1592 for structural performance standard. The fire rating is high as well with a classification of Factory Mutual Class A, passing the highest standards for the industrial setting.

Standing seam roofing is also very reliable. The drainage of snow and rain is quite efficient, and thus water ponds are avoided as well as leaks and other problems that usually plague other flat roof systems. The effects of thermal movements are also prevented with the fastening system used for standing seam roof panels. The metal panels are securely locked in their places by clips within the raised seam. These clips are subtly movable, allowing the panels some room for contraction and expansion during extreme weather changes. The concealed clip also helps prevent leaks while keeping the roof attractive.

Standing seam roofing is also very cost-effective. They come with at least 20-year warranties, which is rather long compared to conventional roofing options such as single-ply and built-up systems. Because of their durability, owners can save a lot from maintenance costs.

Even if standing seam is made of metal, it can be designed to resist corrosion. To reinforce the roof’s durability, it only needs a coating of aluminum, zinc or, better yet, an alloy of aluminum and zinc. As a bonus, the protective coating may even add to the roof’s aesthetic value especially for additional coatings of organic paints with special protecting pigments. Standing seam roofing also allows for great flexibility in designing. It can be attached to both flat and steep profiles.

Another great thing about standing seam roofing, especially for those who are environmentally concerned, is that it is highly recyclable. As it is made of steel it can be recycled better than other roofing materials. It may also be reused in some cases, so standing seam roofing is a great choice for those who want to help save the planet.

The roofing industry has definitely come a long way. Standing seam roofing is one of those things that has made this industry an exciting one. So if you are choosing a good roofing material then standing seam might be the one for you.

Ernest Jarquio is a dedicated family man hopelessly addicted to do-it-yourself projects. For more information, visit his website, where he discusses various subjects such as standing seam roofing http://www.flooring2roof.com/roofing/plastic-roofing.html

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Installing Standing Seam Roofing – Choosing Metal Roofing Finishes and Hardware

Standing Seam Roofing Color Chart


Creating a watertight metal roof, whether a DIY standing seam roofing project, or any other kind of metal roof, can be a far more complex process that initially contemplated – particularly if using pre colored sheeting, where painting over waterproofing is not a viable option. Here are a few of the basics you need to consider to make sure you have a leak proof metal roof.

When undertaking a DIY standing seam roof, or another metal roofing project, investigating these waterproofing tips will certainly offer a roof with a much longer lifespan!

Metal Sheet Fixings

Choosing the right fixing for your new metal roofing is critical. Factors to be considered are the base structure – is it timber or wood? The type of sheeting also plays a role, with regards to the length of fixing, as does the sheet finish – galvanized sheeting requires galvanized screws or nails, while zincalume requires a zincalume screw or nail.

Most important, choose a fixing with a built in cap. These are both weatherproof, being plastic, and help coordinate with color sheeting – the cap being available in a range of colors. DIY standing seam roofing projects in particular can be made much easier by using the right fixings!


There are a variety of sealants around, the two major groups being silicone or mastic. Silicone has the benefit of being available in a clear variant, therefore being invisible once applied. Mastic however, often offers a much longer lifespan, since it does not dry out or shrink.


Polyclosures are die cut polyester foam rubber strips, cut to follow the contour of the sheet profile. Fitted under flashings, and secured with silicone or mastic, they prevent wind driven moisture from entering the roof space under the flashings. Most companies offering wholesale metal roof materials will also offer a specifically designed polyclosure for the profile you choose.


Depending of the layout of your roof, you may require any one, or a combination of sidewall, headwall, ridge, hip or apron flashings, or perhaps another specialized flashing altogether. Flashings are generally affixed after the metal roof sheeting is completely laid and trimmed, and affixed using stainless steel or aluminum rivets. These rivets should then be sealed with silicone or mastic. Careful planning when deciding how to install a metal roof will mean that you have all of these, and other accessories on hand, and don’t experience any delays!

Where chimneys are fitted lower on a pitched roof, a special flashing is generally manufactured. Called a soaker sheet, they are designed to channel all water that would accumulate behind a chimney around the chimney and off the roof, thereby preventing water from damming up behind chimneys and damaging the metal sheeting.


Roof sheeting is always laid lengthways, so that the pan, or channels, can divert water off the roof. The sheets always overlap, known as a side lap, usually by one rib. However, on very low pitches, particularly when using a poor water channeller such as corrugated sheeting, double laps (two rib overlaps) may be a good idea.

It is also never a good idea to end lap a sheet. This means to overlap the sheet lengthways with another sheet. While it may save money in the short term, the overlap will almost always be the site of rust, since water will seep between the two sheets and accumulate there. Asking a roofing professional for metal roof installation instructions can certainly help avoid this kind of mistake!

When in doubt with regards to waterproofing accessories for your metal roof, whether a DIY standing seam roofing project, or otherwise, it would be advisable to seek out a roofing professional or sheeting manufacturer for advice. Many offer free advisory, or even estimating services, to help you make the right choices for you roof.

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